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Cardboard Robot is a Minifigure released in 2022 as part of Series 23. She wears a Medium Azur cardboard suit, and comes with scissors and some cardboard.


The Cardboard Robot has dual molded medium azur and orange legs, a medium azur torso, light bluish green hands, and orange arms. The printing on her legs is made of multiple drawn on rivets. On her torso, she has a belt made of tape. On her cardboard helmet, it displays multiple drawings consisting of multiple rivets and electronic components.


  • The Cardboard Robot was the first minifigure from Series 23 to be revealed, having been displayed at Lego Con 2022 as an example of how minifigures are designed. The Reindeer Costume Fan and the Ferry Captain were revealed shortly after during the same event, and later the rest of the series was shown online.