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Carmine Falcone is a DC Comics minifigure.


Carmine Falcone was a powerful crime boss in Gotham City, and the head of the Falcone Crime Family. He was a common enemy of Batman early in the Dark Knight's crime-fighting career. Carmine; practically having control over the entire city; became the target of an attack by Catwoman, who scratched three scars into his face. Not long after, a serial killer began attacking members of the Falcone Crime Family. As a response, Falcone recruited the likes of Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, The Scarecrow, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin. Upon learning that the killer was his son, Alberto, Carmine attempted to have the charges dropped, but Alberto refused. In another attack, Falcone was ultimately killed by Two-Face.