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The Caroler is a minifigure released in 2009 for the set 10199 Winter Toy Shop and reintroduced in 2015 for 10249 Winter Toy Shop. Two carolers were made, one male and the other female. They both have the same face piece (Part 3626bpb394) in 2009, and have received separate faces for 2015.


The Female Caroler (2009) wears a plain black dress made out of a sloped black brick, has an unprinted black torso, unprinted black arms, and white hands. She wears a dark red cloak, with a black cloak over it. She has long dark brown hair in a ponytail.
The Male Caroler (2009) has grey legs, a black torso printed with buttons, a red tie, and a gold airplane logo. His arms are black, and his hands yellow. He wears a red scarf, and a black top hat.
Both carolers share the same yellow face, depicting rosy cheeks and a singing expression.


10199 Caroler 2
10199 Caroler
Male (2009)Female (2009)Male (2015)Female (2015)


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