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Cassiopeia is a Martian minifigure from Life on Mars. She is the only named female Martian to appear in the theme, and is the daughter of Riegel. She assisted the astronauts of the Solar Explorer when the Martians suspected them to be troublemakers, and eventually traveled back to Earth with them. She also appears as a CPU character that appears in LEGO Racers 2 as a racer on most of the worlds. In Soccer Mania she is the goalie of the Martians team.


Cassiopeia wears a purple suit and is made out of five pieces.


In the January-February 2001 issue of LEGO Mania Magazine, she was described as such: "Cassie, Riegel's daughter, is one of the brightest young Martians. She is already an expert on tube technology and robot transformation."


  • There is a cheat that allows players to play as Cassiopeia in LEGO Racers 2, however, the player can only play as her on Mars.
  • Cassiopeia is named after the constellation of the same name, which is a constellation of the Greek mythological Queen Cassiopeia, who boasted about her unrivalled beauty.


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