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This article is about the LEGO System theme that lasted from 1978 to 1997. For other uses, see Castle (Disambiguation).

Castle is one of the core themes (first/basic themes) of LEGO introduced in 1978 along with Town and Space. It centers around medieval life, involving knights and castles, but it also incorporates popular fantasy elements, as it saw many changes over the years. The theme is the third longest-lived in LEGO history, on par with Town and Trains. The original Castle logo resembled Part 4495.


One of the earliest LEGO castle models produced was a retailer display model from a 1959-60 retailer brochure. This model was also seen in a 1961 British magazine LEGO advertisement. It was a white castle that fit onto two gray baseplates taking up an area of 20x20 studs. The castle, known to LEGO retailers as #0746 had four towers, with wavy LEGO flags on top of two of the towers. The word LEGO embossed on 1x1 white bricks were spelled out on the front of the castle on either side of the entrance. Examples of this model would be glued together, generally the rule among LEGO retailer models. Also coming out in 1960 was LEGO Building Idea Book #1, also known as #238. This 36 page booklet had a lot of building ideas that were made into actual LEGO display models. One picture was of a blue castle with twin towers and a red roof. It is in a northern European late Renaissance style. This Blue Castle was the first castle seen in a public distributed official LEGO product. The first LEGO castle model available for sale was 0 Weetabix Castle, a promotional set from Weetabix, that was made available in 1970.

Initial sets (1978 - 1983)

The theme Castle began in 1978, the year minifigures were introduced. The theme's initial release comprised only one set, 375 Castle. The following year brought two other sets, 383 Knight's Tournament and 677 Knight's Procession. At first those sets were only available in Europe, but they were finally released in the US in 1981.

383 Knight's Tournament, one of the first ever Castle sets.

Until 1984, Castle consisted of only these three sets and two other promotional sets, which were available from Samsonite. Many typical Castle pieces were already present, such as the halberds, the first swords, the lances, the triangular shields and the helmet with neck protector. The knights had unique helmets that consisted of the visor-less Classic Space helmets of that era, and movable visor-pieces that were only available in these three early Castle sets. The featured horses were not the later ubiquitous horse-figures, instead they were built of normal bricks. The knights of this era did not use a consistent coat of arms, but rather had many different crests.

The Guarded Inn is one of most famous older Castle sets, and one of the few halfway civilian buildings.

Factions (1984 - 1997)

In 1984 the Castle theme was totally revamped. This began what can be considered the theme's most active and varied period, as for the majority of this time, there were 2-4 active factions- meaning that each faction's sets were still in production/being released at the same time.

Two new factions, the Crusaders and the Black Falcons (as well as a sheer flood of new pieces), were introduced. Among the new pieces introduced in that year were the wall panels, spears, two new helmets (the helmets with chin-guard and face-grill helmets for the knights) and feather plumes. 1984 also saw the introduction of the horse-figures, which were also featured heavily in Castle. From now on, every established faction would feature a unique coat of arms on their shields, flags or even the minifigures themselves. The 'alternate' crossed axes coat of arms for the crusaders was soon phased out in favor of the more memorable lion design.

During the 1980s, Castle wasn't just about castles and knights but also featured some civilian minifigures, such as a peasant or a blacksmith, and also civilian buildings, like 6067 Guarded Inn, a direction that would later be lost when the theme focused more on the military aspects of the middle ages. The Guarded Inn also included the second female Castle minifigure (which did not yet feature a dress but instead a normal leg assembly). A similar minifigure appeared in the set 6060 Knight's Challenge.

A new faction was added in 1987, the Forestmen, leading to a rare period in which four factions were active concurrently alongside each other. The Forestmen did not dwell in castles but rather in hideouts built into hollow trees and rocks. This was also the first time when black-colored corner wall panels were seen. Other black wall panels, which had already appeared in 1985 were brought into wider use when the Black Knights, that featured the first mainly black-colored castle, were introduced in 1988.

After four years, the Forestmen were phased out 1990, the same year that brought some new pieces: a new elegant helmet with movable visor and an extra armour piece for knights. Another new addition was the glow-in-the-dark ghost.

6081 King's Mountain Fortress, a Crusaders set released in 1990

This year also saw the first castle built on a raised baseplate, a piece first used a year before in Pirates sets. That castle, 6081 King's Mountain Fortress,which also featured the first female minifigure with a skirt, which was formed by a 2x2x2 sloped brick. This made the princess one plate taller than the men, but her tall pointed medieval headdress helped to obscure the height difference.

After the discontinuation of the Forestmen faction, which included outlaws that could just as well be the good guys, since they largely resemble Robin Hood and his merry men, LEGO added a new faction in 1992, the Wolfpack, which was basically a band of robbers. This was also the first year in which Castle minifigures were equipped with the new diversified printed head pieces, that were first introduced in 1989 for the debut of the new Pirates line, and added more personality to the characters than the simple smiley faces. While both the Crusaders and Black Falcons would be phased out that year, the Black Knights would continue to make limited appearances alongside the newer factions up till 1994.

A diorama from 1993 showcases several sets from Dragon Masters, Wolfpack and Black Knights.

While the Black Knights used dragons merely as crests and ornaments, a new faction introduced in 1993, the Dragon Masters, would move Castle more into the realms of fantasy and mythology by adding actual dragons and wizards to the complement of subjects covered by this theme, thus setting a direction that would still be followed by future Castle themes.

A Dragon, introduced in the Dragon Masters faction.

The wizard Majisto was also one of the first minifigures that were given a name. Dragon Masters also brought some interesting new pieces, such as a new helmet and a large halberd, as well as several new faces.

For the time being the fantasy elements were not further developed. In 1995, the all new Royal Knights theme introduced the first distinct king minifigure that wore an actual crown. Another notable addition was the skeleton. 1996 saw a short-lived revival of Forestmen when Dark Forest was released. The bodies of the minifigures used in the Dragon Masters and Royal Knights would feature more detailed designs, with the latter largely abandoning the iconic breastplate (which had been a staple of the series since 1990).

Fantasy was Back in 1997, when Fright Knights brought along witches and a black dragon variant, as well as an eerie looking villain with a bat as his symbol of choice. This theme did not only venture into more fantastic directions, It also featured some rather out-of-place flying machines. Interestingly, despite being discontinued the year prior, some promotional images still depicted the Dragon Master's fighting the Fright Knights.

The discontinuation of Fright Knights in 1998 also marked the end of the basic concepts that had defined the Castle theme from for fourteen years, in which the different subthemes represented several factions that had long coexisted in a consistent environment and would often appear together in one set. The themes of the following years were to be self contained sub themes with different factions of their own that did not not have any connection to those of other subthemes.

Subthemes (1998 - present)

What followed in 1998 was the beginning of a rather unique interlude...

6045 Ninja Surprise, a Ninja set released in 1998.

With the introduction of Ninja, the Castle theme left it's traditional European setting and visited medieval Japan, featuring Samurai and Ninjas. Many new pieces were introduced as well, such as Japanese swords (Katana), ninja hoods and samurai armor and helmets. Ninja also included cannons and muskets, a novelty for Castle, and was apparently set in the 16th century. In 2000, Castle went back to a more conventional setting with the release of the new Knights' Kingdom theme, which involved two factions that were at odds with each other, King Leo and his knights on one side, and Cedric the bull with his evil minions on the other.

Cedric the Bull launches an attack on King Leo's castle.

The minifigures were elaborately designed and featured new torso pieces, faces, helmets and armor pieces. The buildings, however, had a rather simplified design, which was also seen in other themes of that era, e.g. in Town Jr., a method of building later called "Juniorization". This theme was the first Castle theme to feature two female minifigures: Queen Leonora and Princess Storm. Knights' Kingdom was discontinued in the following year, and there would be no new Castle sets until 2004.

Knights' Kingdom II, introduced in 2004, was a radical departure from any previous Castle themes. It featured colourful knights (in red, green, purple, and light blue armour) who all had individual names and personalities, much like superhero teams such as the Power Rangers. The normal sets were also accompanied by the release of canned action figure versions of the new characters, in a style similar to BIONICLE. Knights' Kingdom II was more action-oriented, and also introduced some new helmets, swords and shields.

This dragon from Vikings included a new building system based on the Click-ball joint.

In 2005, LEGO released a new Vikings line which was more realistic than the contemporary Knights' Kingdom II theme, but it nevertheless featured mythological aspects by adding dragons and other creatures from Norse myths, such as the Midgard Serpent. A new technique that was used to make these creatures that is still used today is building large monsters (such as dragons) out of a combination of normal bricks and TECHNIC parts. A fairly important new piece introduced in this theme was the separate axe blade that had to be attached to a brown stick in order to form a complete battle axe. The theme was intended to be simply a short interlude before the launch of the new Castle theme, but proved popular enough that it was continued for another year.

The new version of the Castle logo, introduced for this theme.

The Castle theme was relaunched in 2007 as Castle (2007) and abandoned some of the aspects featured in Knights' Kingdom II but also reprises earlier established fantasy elements such as dragons and sorcerers, but also added some new ones, which were originally known from the Lord of the Rings novels or Warcraft computer games, such as Skeleton Warriors, Trolls and Dwarves. Another difference is the fact that it does not involve humans fighting each other. The humans are represented by one unified kingdom that has to fight against groups of non-human antagonists. In 2009 the biggest entirely civilian Castle set ever has been released, 10193 Medieval Market Village, which also included the first cow figure as well as a rare turkey piece.

Kingdoms, is successor to Castle (2007). It returns to a more traditional and realistic medieval setting.

Kingdoms Joust, the theme's tour-de-force.

7189 Mill Village Raid, a civilian Kingdoms set.

The theme features the good knights of the Lion Kingdom defending themselves against the evil warriors of the invading Dragon Kingdom. The only fantasy elements are the Dragon wizard and his pet dragon. Kingdoms was launched in June 2010, with several sets, including a large castle, and followed by four more sets in 2011. Early 2012 saw the release of 10223 Kingdoms Joust, the final Kingdoms set before The Lord of The Rings was released.

Castle 2013 (2013-14) was the replacement theme for Kingdoms. It featured the Blue Lion Knights fighting the Red Dragon Knights. The theme was discontinued in 2015 after releasing 5 sets and 2 battlepacks.

List of themes and factions

Factions (1984 -1998)

The Crusaders were the stronger of the first two factions of Castle. Their crest featured a crowned lion in a red, blue and yellow pattern. In Canada and Australia, they were initially known as the Lion Crest until the 1990s when they returned to the Crusaders name.
The Black Falcons were one of the first two Castle factions, but always had fewer/smaller sets than the Crusaders. They were never officially recognized as a faction by The LEGO Group, though at least one catalog makes mention of "Guardians of the Gray Castles". Their symbol was a bird in a black, white, and blue (though sometimes yellow) pattern. In Canada and Australia, they were known as the Eagle Crest.
The Forestmen mainly dressed in green and brown with small plumed hats and resembled traditional charicatures of Robin Hood. They made their abode in elaborate forest hideouts and most carried the bow and arrow. Their crest was a brown stag head with black antlers on a green background.
The Black Knights used mainly black buildings with gray trim in contrast to the preceding factions that all used gray castles. Their crest consisted of a dragon in a red, blue and yellow pattern.
The Wolfpack was a band of robbers dressed in black and brown attire with occasional red trim. Their symbol was a white or gray wolf's head on a black background with a brown border.
These faction consisted of some exotic-looking knights led by the wizard Majisto and used dragons as their main symbol, just as the Black Knights, but with a different color palette: red, yellow, and green. Contrary to the Black Knights, the Dragon Masters had actual dragons in their inventory.
The Royal Knights were a rather small faction centered on their king and his large castle, and didn't feature any noteworthy war materials. Their crest consisted of a crowned lion head.
A short-lived extension of the late-'80s Forestmen line, 1996's Dark Forest sets went as far as to recycle the stag shield crest in Forestmen. The faction featured a diverse band of tree-dwelling rogues and robbers, led by a leather-vested scoundrel imaginatively named Rob N. Hood, according to LEGO Mania Magazine.
The Fright Knights were a faction that featured some of the most nonsensical vehicles ever. They were led by an evil lord, Basil The Bat Lord (or simply "The Bat Lord") and a witch. Their symbol was a bat.

Subthemes (1998 - Present)

The LEGO Ninja' collection relocated the Castle theme to medieval Japan, where the graceful Oriental architecture provided the backdrop for an eternal struggle between two factions of daring and masterful martial artists. The Shogun Gai-Dan and his ally Ito, the gray ninja, defended a trove of mystical rubies from the Bandit Chief Kendo and his band of robbers, as well as Bonsai, the black ninja.
Knights' Kingdom centered on a plot line of the evil Cedric the Bull trying to overthrow King Leo and take over the Kingdom. Knights' Kingdom centered on a conflict involving the Lions, led by King Leo, and the Bulls, led by outlaw Cedric The Bull. The main castle was 6098 King Leo's Castle, while the Bulls did not have a castle. However, the Bulls have their own castle in LEGO Island 2: Revenge of the Brickster.
Knights' Kingdom II did not have much in common with its predecessor. It revolved around a struggle between a group of good knights on one side and an evil knight on the other. The conflict takes place in the fictional kingdom of Morcia.
This cross between DUPLO and Castle was initially released in 2004, and continued for four years, until 2008. This theme featured two unnamed warring factions, one coloured Blue, White, and Silver, and the other (presumably the villains of the theme), coloured Black, Red, and sometimes Yellow.
This Castle theme from 2007 does not have human factions fighting each other but one human kingdom, represented by the Crown Knights that struggles against several groups of fantasy creatures such as the Troll Warriors or the Skeleton Warriors. 2008 also introduced Dwarves into the Castle subtheme.
Kingdoms replaces the idea of a fantasy world filled with dwarves and trolls, and goes back to a more realistic world. In Kingdoms, this time there are two separate factions set against each other. The Lion Kingdom, which is led by the Lion King, fights the Dragon Kingdom, which is led (presumably) by the Dragon Wizard.
Only one castle-themed set was released from Bricks and More, with the set being 5929 Knight and Castle Building Set.
This Castle theme combines elements from Kingdoms and Castle (2007). It offers a new story, yet the royal elements are the same as Kingdoms; Lions and Dragons. However, the colors are blue and grey for the lion knights and red and black for the dragon knights, somewhat similar to the 2007 Castle theme.

Audio Dramas

There were two Audio Dramas released for the theme in 1995 [1]

Notes about the Audio Dramas:


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0-1.jpg00-1Weetabix Castle471 1970
0011-Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer.jpeg0011Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer  1987
10000.jpg10000Guarded Inn246Crusader Soldier, Crusader Knight, Hedley the Headsman, Maid$24.992001
10039 Black Falcon's Fortress.jpg10039Black Falcon's Fortress4262 Knights, 2 Archers, 2 Guardsmen$40.002002
Cast access.jpg10066Castle Accessories36Skeleton$5.002002
No image10176King's Castle   
10193 alt1.png10193Medieval Market Village1601Smithy, Soldier, Sir Gavin, Male Peasant (x2), Female Peasant (x2), Boy$99.99 / €99.99January 2009
10223-1.png10223Kingdoms Joust1575King, Queen, Nobleman, Royal Lion Knight, Falcon Knight, Princess Verda, Young Squire, Spear Lion Knight (x2)$119.99 / €119.99January 2012
1099 Box.jpg1099Ninja Blaster23Robber Chief$2.001999
No image1126LEGO Royal Knights T-Shirt1 1997
11841.jpg1184Ninja Blaster24Robber Chief 1999
1185 Mini-River Ninja.jpg1185Mini River Ninja24Bonsai$2.001999
1186 Box Front.jpg1186Mini Siege-Cart Ninja26Gi-Dan 1999
1269-1.jpg1269White Ninja22White Ninja Princess$2.991999
1286-King Leo's Cart.jpg1286King Leo's Spear Cart22King Leo 2000
1286.jpg1286Knight's Kingdom Cart22King Leo 2000
1287 Crossbows.jpg1287Defense Archer15Richard the Strong 2000
1288 Fire Cart.jpg1288Fire Cart22Cedric the Bull 2000
1289-Catapult.jpg1289Catapult22Weezil 2000
1463-1-1.jpg1463Treasure Cart211$2.001992
1476 5 set Bonus Pack.jpg14765 Item Bonus Pack145 1991
1480.jpg1480King's Catapult33Crusader Soldier 1991
1491 Dual Defender.jpg1491Dual Defender452 1992
15 castle minifigs.jpg15Castle Mini Figures38Classic Knight (x6)$5.001978
1547 Black Knight's Boat.jpg1547Black Knight's Boat552 1993
1584.jpg1584Knight's Challenge1608 1988
Ghostly Hideout.jpg1596Ghostly Hideout37Wolfpack Renegade, Ghost$4.251993
Castle Value Pack.jpg1597Castle 3-Pack1145 1993
1624 King's Archer box.jpg1624King's Archer22Archer 1993
1680.jpg1680Crusader's Cart653 1990
1695.jpeg1695Treasure Cart231$2.001992
1712 Crossbow Cart.jpg1712Crossbow Cart22Dragon Master$2.001993
1723-1.jpg1723Castle/Pirate Combo Pack67Dragon Master Burnabus, Imperial Guard - Officer 1994
1732 Crossbow Cart.jpg1732Crossbow Cart22Dragon Master 1993
1736 Wizard's cart.jpg1736Wizard's Cart17Majisto 1993
1746 Wizard's Cart.jpg1746Wizard's Cart17Majisto$2.501993
1752 Box.jpg1752Crossbow Boat21Royal Knight 1996
1794-1.jpg1794Dragon Master Chariot34Dragon Master Burnabus 1994
1804 Package.jpg1804Crossbow Boat21Royal Knight$2.001996
1843-2 Box.jpg1843Space/Castle Value Pack104Royal Knight , Spyrian$8.001996
1877 Box.jpg1877Crusader's Cart612 Forestmen 1990
1888.jpg1888Black Knight's Guardshack252 1992
1900-1.png1900Special Bonus Pack643 1994
1906 Majisto's Tower.jpg1906Majisto's Tower190Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto$20.001994
1917 King's Catapult.jpg1917King's Catapult22Knight 1993
No image1960Dragon Masters Adventure Pack196Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto 1993
1967 Bonus Pack.jpg1967Bonus Pack1416 1993
1971-1.jpg1971Battering Ram251 1993
1974.jpg1974Smuggler's Hayride402 1989
2538.jpg2538Crossbow Flamer21Knight$1.991998
2539 Fright Knights Batwing Flyer.jpg2539Batwing Flyer20Basil the Bat Lord 1998
2540 Fright Knight's Catapult.jpg2540Fright Knight's Catapult28Basil the Bat Lord 1998
2586-1.jpg2586LEGO Chess Promotional Set29Chess King 1998
2848-1.jpg2848Fright Knights Flying Machine18Basil the Bat Lord 1997
2872 Witch's Fireplace.jpg2872Witch's Fireplace18Willa the Witch 1997
2889.jpg2889Treasure Cart211$1.991998
2890 King's Catapult.jpg2890King's Catapult221 1998
2891 Wizard's Cart.jpg2891Wizard's Cart17Majisto 1998
2892-1.gif2892Thunder Arrow Boat17Royal Knight 1998
Lego-kingdoms-30061-attack-wagon-1.jpg30061Attack Wagon36Sword Knight$3.49 / €2.992010
Set.jpg30062Target Practice31Crossbow Lion Knight$3.49 / €2.992010
3016 Box.jpg3016Ninja Blaster23Robber Chief 1998
3017 Package.jpg3017Mini River Ninja24Bonsai$2.001998
3018 Box.jpg3018Mini Siege-Cart Ninja25Gi-Dan 1998
3019 Ninpo Bat Attack.jpg3019Gray Ninja22Ito$1.991998
3050.jpg3050Shanghai Surprise104Samurai Lord , Red Ninja (2)$10.001999
3051.jpg3051Blaze Attack143Red Ninja (2)$14.991999
3052-1-1.jpg3052Ninja's Fire Fortress167Red Ninja Master, Red Ninja, Red Ninja$30.001999
3053-1-1.jpg3053Emperor's Stronghold328Samurai Lord, White Ninja Princess, Red Ninja, Red Ninja$40.001999
3074.jpg3074Red Ninja's Dragon Glider20Red Ninja 1999
3075 Ninja Master's Boat.jpg3075Ninja Master's Boat21Red Ninja Master 1999
Display11.jpg3076White Ninja's Attack Cart23White Ninja Princess 1999
3077 Ninja Shoguns Small Fort.jpg3077Ninja Shogun's Small Fort16Samurai Lord 1999
3344.jpg3344Ninja 19Shogun Warlord 2000
3345 Box.jpg3345Black Ninja and 2 Robbers19Bonsai, Young Samurai, Old Samurai 2000
3346.jpg3346Green Ninja & Samurai Lord23Samurai Lord, Green Ninja, Green Ninja$5.002000
3739 Box.jpg3739Blacksmith Shop6222$40.002002
4127417.jpg4127417Walmart Co-pack   
4202053.jpg4202053Knights Kingdom Playing Cards  2003
4202054-Sew-On Cloth, Knights Kingdom I, Lion Shield.jpg4202054Sew-On Cloth, Knights Kingdom I, Lion Shield1 2003
4270909.png4270909Knights' Kingdom II Party Cups8$0.992007
717515.jpg4270911Knights' Kingdom II Party Plates8$1.502005
Napkins.jpg4270915Knights' Kingdom Party Napkins16$1.502005
4270922.jpg4270922Knights' Kingdom II Party Table Decorations5$2.992007
4527617.jpg4527617Castle Photo Frame68Lead General, Skeleton Warrior 2008
852701-Battle Pack Troll Warriors.jpg4559922Troll Warriors Battle Pack5Troll Warrior (5) 2008
4559923.jpg4559923Dwarfs Battle Pack Dwarf (5) 2009
4775-Knight and Squire.jpg4775Knight and Squire21Good Knight, Squire (DUPLO figure) 2004
4776 Dragon Tower.jpg4776Dragon Tower632 Dragon Knights 2004
4777-1.jpg4777Knight's Castle167Good Knight (2), Dragon Knight (2) 2004
4779 Defense Tower.jpg4779Defence Tower64Good Knight, Dragon Knight 2005
4784 Box.jpg4784Black Dragon81$14.992005
Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 5.10.11 PM.png4785Black Castle3866 DUPLO Figures$99.00–139.99March'"`UNIQ--ref-00000007-QINU`"' 2005
4801.png4801Defense Archer141$2.002000
4805 Box.jpg4805Ninja Knights31Bonsai, Ito, Robber Chief, Kata, Gi-Dan$3.991999
4806 Box.jpg4806Axe Cart27Weezil$3.002000
4801.png4811Defense Archer141$2.002000
4816.jpg4816Knights' Catapult50Richard the Strong, Princess Storm$4.992000
Dun.jpg4817Dungeon38John of Mayne, Soldier Skeleton$4.992000
4818-Dragon Rider.jpg4818Dragon Rider11Cedric the Bull$5.002000
4819 Box.jpg4819Rebel Chariot46Gilbert the Bad, Weezil$5.002000
4862-1.jpg4862Ambush15Good Knight, Dragon Knight 2008
4863-Sentry & Catapult.jpg4863Sentry & Catapult42Dragon Knight, Good Knight$25.002008
4864.jpg4864Castle115Dragon Knight, Good Knight (x2)$79.992008
4941rascus.jpg4941Rascus3 2005
4942 CPW Shadow Knight.jpg4942Shadow Knight3 2005
4943 CPW Vladek.jpg4943Vladek3 2005
4944-1.jpg4944Jayko3 2005
4945-1.jpg4945Santis3 2005
4946 CPW Danju.jpg4946Danju3 2005
5059-1.jpg5059Castle Equipment32 1993
5135.jpg5135Castle Accessories30$3.501995
5138.jpg5138Castle Equipment35$3.501994
5184.jpg5184Castle Elements30$3.251989
5372.jpg5372Skeleton Chariot Skeleton Warrior 2007 (unreleased)
5373-1.jpg5373Knight and Catapult24Crown Knight Would have been 2008
5383 Castle Accessories.jpg5383Castle Accessories341 (Skeleton parts)$2.991998
5614-1.jpg5614The Good Wizard16Good Wizard$3.49j / €2.99January 2, 2008 (UK)
TheknightA.jpg5615The Knight21Crown Knight$3.49 / €2.992008
5618 box2.png5618Troll Warrior19Troll Warrior$3.49 / €2.99June 27, 2008 (US) / May 21, 2008 (UK)
5924.jpg5924Castle Photo Frame King Leo 2002
5994 Catapult.png5994Catapult27$0.992005
No image5995Danju 1 2005
5996.jpg5996Rascus6Rascus 2005
No image5997Santis 1 2005
5998 Vladek.jpg5998Vladek6Vladek 2005
5999.png5999Jayko51 2005
6004 Crossbow Cart.jpg6004Crossbow Cart201 1997
6007 Bat Lord.jpg6007Bat Lord15Basil the Bat Lord 1997
6008 Royal King.jpg6008Royal King12Royal King$3.501995
6009 Black Knight.jpg6009Black Knight221$3.251992
6010.jpg6010Supply Wagon33Knight's Squire 1984
6011 Box.jpg6011Black Knight's Treasure25Black Falcon Soldier 1985
6012.jpg6012Siege Cart54Crusader (2)$3.501986
6013-1.jpg6013Samurai Swordsman13Samurai 1998
6016 Box.jpg6016Knight's Arsenal36Lion Crusaders Knight$4.001987
6017 Box.jpg6017King's Oarsmen422$3.751987
6018 Box.jpg6018Battle Dragon492$4.501990
6020 Box.jpg6020Magic Shop45Majisto$4.501993
6021 Box.jpg6021Jousting Knights41Black Knight, Sir Richard$5.251984
6022 Box.jpg6022Horse Cart42Crusader (x2)$4.991984
6023 Boxes.jpg6023Maiden's Cart42Maiden (Crusaders), Crusader$5.501986
6024 Box.jpg6024Bandit Ambush58Forestman (x2)$6.501996
6026 Box.jpg6026King Leo21King Leo , Richard the Strong$5.002000
6027 Box.jpg6027Bat Lord's Catapult512$6.751997
6028 Box.jpg6028Treasure Guard22Fright Knight 1998
6029 Box.jpg6029Treasure Guard22Fright Knight$2.001998
6030 Box.jpg6030Catapult80Black Falcon Soldier (x2)$6.001984
6031 Box.jpg6031Fright Force26Basil the Bat Lord, Willa the Witch, Soldier (Two)$6.751998
6032 Box.jpg6032Catapult Crusher54Gilbert the Bad$6.002000
6033 Box.jpg6033Treasure Transport81Ito, Robber Chief, Chief Kendo$5.991998
6034-1.jpg6034Black Monarch's Ghost482€5.991990
6035 Box.jpg6035Castle Guard49Black Falcon Soldier,     Black Falcon Knight$5.751987
6036 Box.jpg6036Skeleton Surprise72Skeleton, Royal Knight Guard$8.001995
6037 Box.jpg6037Witch's Windship59Willa the Witch$8.001997
6038 Wolfpack Renegades.jpg6038Wolfpack Renegades93Wolfpack Renegade (x2)$9.251992
6039-1-1.jpg6039Twin Arm Launcher73Crusader (2×) 1988
6040 Box.jpg6040Blacksmith Shop92Blacksmith, Crusader$9.251984
6041 Armor Shop.jpg6041Armor Shop1092 1986
6042 Box.jpg6042Dungeon Hunters1051 Knight, 1 Coachman, 1 Forestman$12.751990
6043 Dragon Defender.jpg6043Dragon Defender151Dragon Master, Sir Lance$12.001993
6044-1.jpg6044King's Carriage124King Richard, 3x Scale Mail$16.501995
6045-1.jpg6045Ninja Surprise109Bonsai, Chief Kendo, Robber Chief$13.001998
6046 Hemlock Stronghold.jpg6046Hemlock Stronghold2165$24.001996
6047-6099 cover.jpg6047Prison Transport140Basil the Bat Lord, Fright Knights Knight (x2) 1997
6048 Box.jpg6048Majisto's Magical Workshop183Sir Lance, Majisto$26.001993
6049 Box.jpg6049Viking Voyager945$10.991987
6054 Box.jpg6054Forestmen's Hideout1982$17.501988
6055 Prisoner Convoy.jpg6055Prisoner Convoy1124 1985
6056 Dragon Wagon.jpg6056Dragon Wagon103Dragon Master, Sir Lance$20.001993
Sea Serpent.jpg6057Sea Serpent1425$16.501992
6059 Knight's Stronghold.jpg6059Knight's Stronghold2295$22.001990
6060 Knight's Challenge.jpg6060Knight's Challenge1608$21.001989
6061 Siege Tower.jpg6061Siege Tower2114$17.501984
6062 Battering Ram.jpg6062Battering Ram233Black Falcon Soldier (x3), Crusader (x3)$21.001987
6066.jpg6066Camouflaged Outpost2116$23.001987
6067-box.jpg6067Guarded Inn246Hedley the Headsman, Crusader Soldier, Crusader Knight, Maiden$19.751986
6071 Box.jpg6071Forestmen's Crossing203Forestmen (4×), Forestwoman$28.501990
6073 Knight's Castle.jpg6073Knight's Castle4086$27.001984
6074 Black Falcon's Fortress.png6074Black Falcon's Fortress4356$34.991986
Castle.jpg6075Castle749Squires (x10) , Knights (x4)$48.001981
6075-1-1.jpg6075Wolfpack Tower232Wolfpack Renegade (x3), Ghost$29.751992
6076.jpg6076Dark Dragon's Den218Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto, Dragon Master Burnabus, Dragon$43.001993
6077 Box.jpg6077Forestmen's River Fortress3486$37.501989
6077-1.jpg6077Knight's Procession394 Knights and 2 Squires 1981 / 1979
6078 Box.jpg6078Royal Drawbridge251Sir Lance, Royal Knight (x3), Skeleton$30.001995
6079 Box.jpg6079Dark Forest Fortress461Rob N. Hood, Forestman (x3), Sir Lance, Dragon Master, Skeleton$50.001996
6080 King's Castle.jpg6080King's Castle66412 1984
6081 King's Mountain Fortress.jpg6081King's Mountain Fortress4298$57.991990
Display13.jpg6082Fire Breathing Fortress393Dragon Master (x2), Majisto, Dragon Master Burnabus, Dragon Archer, Wolfpack Renegade$64.001993
6083-1.jpg6083Knight's Tournament201A King, a Queen, 2 Knights and 2 Squires$16.001981
6083-2.gif6083Samurai Stronghold272Bonsai, Kata, Gi-Dan$20.00 
6085-1.jpg6085Black Monarch's Castle69512$68.001988
6086boxart.jpg6086Black Knight's Castle56912$85.991992
6087 Witch's Magic Manor.jpg6087Witch's Magic Manor255Skeleton, Willa the Witch, Knight (x2), Archer, Forestman$44.001997
6088-1.jpg6088Robber's Retreat2734$30.001998
6089 Box.jpg6089Stone Tower Bridge402Bonsai, Ito, Gi-Dan, Kata, Robber Chief$50.001998
6090 Box.jpg6090Royal Knight's Castle74311$95.001995
6091-1.jpg6091King Leo's Castle529King Leo, Queen Leonora, Richard the Strong, John of Mayne, Princess Storm, Cedric The Bull, Gilbert the Bad, Skeleton$90.002000
6093-1-1.jpg6093Flying Ninja Fortress6879$90.001998
6094-1.jpg6094Guarded Treasury1012 2000
6095 Royal Joust.jpg6095Royal Joust993$19.992000
6096-1-2.jpg6096Bull's Attack Cedric The Bull, Gilbert the Bad, Weezil, John of Mayne 2000
6097 Box.jpg6097Night Lord's Castle598Basil the Bat Lord, Willa the Witch, Royal Knight, Knight (Fright Knights), Knight 2 (Fright Knights) (x2), Knight 3 (Fright Knights), Skeleton$79.991997
6098-1.jpg6098King Leo's Castle529King Leo, Queen Leonora, Princess Storm, Richard the Strong, John of Mayne, Cedric The Bull, Gilbert the Bad, Skeleton$89.992000
6047-6099 cover.jpg6099Traitor Transport140Basil the Bat Lord, Fright Knights Knight (2) 1997
6102-1.jpg6102Castle Mini Figures306 1985
6103-1.jpg6103Castle Mini-Figures42Black Falcons (x2), Forestmen (x2), Crusader, Peasant$6.001988
Knights.jpg6103Knights214 1984
6105 Medieval Knights.jpg6105Medieval Knights28Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Dragon Master Burnabus, Wolfpack Renegade$7.251994
65767-1.png65767Attack from the Sea305Vladek, Rascus, Santis, Shadow Knight$30.002006
677.jpg677Knight's Procession486 1979
A 6918 box front.jpg6918Blacksmith Attack104Blacksmith, Dragon Knight$9.99 / €9.99June, 2011
B7009.jpg7009The Final Joust62Lead General, General Bone$7.992007
Skeleton Boat.PNG7029Skeleton Ship Attack628Crown Knight (3), Skeleton Captain, Skeleton Warrior (3)$69.992007
Dwarve's Mine.png7036Dwarves' Mine575Dwarf King, Dwarf (x3), Orc Scout (x2), Giant Troll$49.99 / €49.992007
7037 box.jpg7037Tower Raid364Crown Knight (x2), Troll Warrior (x2), Orc Warrior$29.99 / €29.992008
Lego-castle-7038-troll-assault-wagon-02.jpg7038Troll Assault Wagon161Crown Knight (2), Troll Warrior, Giant Troll$19.99 / €19.992008
7040-1.jpg7040Dwarves Mine Defender86Dwarf, Troll Warrior (2)$9.99 / €9.992008
7041.jpg7041Troll Battle Wheel508Troll Warrior (x2), Double Axe Orc, Crown Soldier (x2), Sir Gavin$39.992008
7048 Box.jpg7048Troll Warship493Dwarf, Lead General, Giant Troll, Troll Warrior (x5), Orc Warrior$79.99 / €69.992008
Castle Box.png7078King's Battle Chariot103Troll Warrior (2), Crown Knight, Crown King$19.99 / €19.99May 2009
7079.JPEG7079Drawbridge Defense335Queen,

Golden Knight, Jester Gogo, Crown Knight, Black Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Warrior,

Skeleton Rider ,
$39.99 / €39.99May 2009
B7090.jpg7090Crossbow Attack54Crown Knight (2), Skeleton Warrior$4.992007
7091+Knights+Catapult+Defence.jpg7091Knights' Catapult Defense123Crown Knights (2), Black Skeleton Warrior , Skeleton Warrior (Castle) (black)$9.992007
7092-1.jpg7092Skeletons' Prison Carriage192Crown Knights (2), Skeleton Warrior (Castle) (2), Black Skeleton Warrior$19.99October 24, 2007 (US and UK)
Skeletontowerbox.jpg7093Skeleton Tower398Evil Wizard, Knight, Princess, Skeleton Warrior (2)$49.99October 24, 2007 (US and UK)
7094 box.jpg7094King's Castle Siege973Crown King, Lead General, Crown Knight (x4), Skeleton Warrior (x2), Grimhelma, Black Skeleton Warrior$99.99 / €109.992007
TrollMoutainFortress5.png7097Trolls' Mountain Fortress844Crown Knight (x3), Crown King Brutus, Troll King, Troll Queen, Giant Troll, Forest Troll, Troll Warrior (x2)$99.99 / €99.99May 2009
A 7187 box front.jpg7187Escape from the Dragon's Prison187Elite Dragon Knight ,

Crossbow Dragon Knight , Sword Lion Knight,

Lion Knight
$19.99 / €19.99July 2011
A 7188 box front.jpg7188King's Carriage Ambush286Axe Dragon Knight ,

Spear Dragon Knight , Lion Knight ,

$39.99 / €39.99July 2011
7189box.jpg7189Mill Village Raid663Crossbow Dragon Knight, Axe Dragon Knight, Sword Knight, Farmer, Milkmaid, Stableboy$69.99 / €69.99May 2011
7946.jpg7946King's Castle933Glaive Lion Knight (x2), Crossbow Lion Knight (x2), King, Spear Dragon Knight, Crossbow Dragon Knight, Elite Dragon Knight$99.99 / €99.992010
Darkkinghttower1.png7947Prison Tower Rescue365Royal Lion Knight, Spear Lion Knight, Sword Knight, Crossbow Dragon Knight, Princess$47.99 / €49.99June - August 2010
Outpost Attack2.png7948Outpost Attack194Spear Lion Knight , Crossbow Lion Knight , Torch Dragon Knight$19.99 / €19.99June - August 2010
CarriageRescueBox.png7949Prison Carriage Rescue50Royal Lion Knight,

Lion Knight, Sword Knight,

$9.99 / €9.99May 2010
Knight's Showdown1.png7950Knight's Showdown61Catapult Lion Knight, Axe Dragon Knight$6.99 / €6.99June - August 2010
7952-Boxart.jpg7952Kingdoms Advent Calendar167Queen, Lion Prince, Spear Lion Knight, Crossbow Lion Knight, Dragon Knight, Wizard, Blacksmith, Maid, Skeleton$34.99 / €19.99August 2010
Court Jester Set.jpg7953Court Jester22Court Jester$3.49 / €2.992010
BoxW.png7955Wizard19Dragon Wizard$3.49 / €2.992010
7979.jpg7979Castle Advent Calendar176Skeleton Warrior, Black Skeleton Warrior, Crown Knight (x2), Troll Warrior, Bat Witch, Jester Gogo, Maid, Dwarf$29.99 / €16.99September 14, 2008
852001.jpg852001Castle Chess Set285Crown Knight (x8), Black Skeleton Warrior (x8), Skeleton Bishop (x2), Skeleton Rook (x2), Crown Rook (x2), Skeleton Chess Knight (x2), Crown Chess Knight (x2), Dark Mage, Crown Princess, Crown King Brutus, Evil Wizard, Crown Bishop (x2)$49.992007
852132.jpg852132Castle Tic Tac Toe86Lead General (x5), General Bone (x5)$14.992007
852231.jpg852231Castle Coin Bank Skeleton Warrior 2008
852271box.jpg852271Knights Battle Pack35Lead General , Crown Knight (4)$14.99 / €12.992008
852272 brickset.jpg852272Skeletons Battle Pack43Skeleton Warrior, Black Skeleton Warrior, Grimhelma, General Bone, Skeleton Rider$14.99 / €12.992008
852293.jpg852293LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set2481Giant Troll (x2), Crown Knight (x3), Lead General, Good Wizard (x2), Crown King Brutus, Crown Princess, Dwarf (x8), Skeleton Warrior (x3), Grimhelma, General Bone, Evil Wizard, Bat Witch, Troll Warrior (x6), Orc Scout (x2)$199.99 / €199.992008
852701.jpg852701Troll Warrior Battle Pack285$14.992009
852702-1.jpg852702Dwarfs Battle Pack45Dwarf (2) , Dwarf King$14.992009
852761-1.jpg852761Troll T-shirt1$16.992009
No image852921Red Lion Knights Battle Pack   
No image852922Green Dragon Knights Battle Pack   
853373box.jpg853373Kingdoms Chess Set32828$49.99 / €44.992012
KING JAYKO.jpg8701King Jayko130$19.992006
8702 Lord Vladek.jpg8702Lord Vladek112$19.992006
8703 Sir Kentis.jpg8703Sir Kentis43$9.99 / €5.992006
8704-1.jpg8704Sir Adric40$9.99 / €5.992006
8705-1.jpg8705Dracus38$9.99March 2006
8706 Karzon.jpg8706Karzon44$9.99 / €5.992006
8770+8782.png8770Danju42 2004
8771+8783.png8771Jayko45 2004
8772+8784.png8772Rascus46 2004
8773.png8773Santis46 2004
8774+8786.png8774Vladek48 2004
8777 Vladek Encounter.jpg8777Vladek Encounter43Sir Danju , Lord Vladek$9.992004
8778 Box.jpg8778Border Ambush178Santis, Shadow Knight$19.992004
8779-1.ImageL.jpg8779The Grand Tournament311Jayko, Vladek, King Mathias$29.992004
8780-1-1.jpg8780Citadel of Orlan442Santis, Rascus, Guardian, Shadow Knight$50.002004
8781 boxart.jpg8781Castle of Morcia632Jayko,

Rascus, Santis, Danju, Vladek, King Mathias, Shadow Knight,

8790 King Mathias.jpg8790King Mathias440$9.99 / €5.992004
DanjuBox.jpg8791Sir Danju42$8.992005
8792 Box.jpg8792Sir Jayko42$8.992005
RascusBox.jpg8793Sir Rascus44$8.992005
SantisBox.jpg8794Sir Santis44$8.992005
VladBox1.jpg8795Lord Vladek44$8.992005
8796Canister.jpg8796King Mathias43$8.99 
8799-1.jpg8799Knights' Castle Wall175Jayko, Santis, and Rascus 2004
8800-1.jpg8800Vladek's Siege Engine192Vladek, Shadow Knight 2004
8801.jpg8801Knights' Attack Barge163Rascus, Santis 2005
8802 Dark Fortress Landing.jpg8802Dark Fortress Landing142Lord Vladek, Shadow Knight 2005
8809 King Mathias.jpg8809King Mathias41$10.002004
8813-1.jpg8813Battle at the Pass381Dracus,

Sir Kentis, Valiant Knight (4), Rogue Knight (4),

8821-1.jpg8821Rogue Knight Battleship152Sir Kentis, Dracus, Rogue Knight$19.992006
Gargoyle Bridge.png8822Gargoyle Bridge234Sir Adric, Karzon, Rogue Knight$29.992006
8823 Box.jpg8823Mistlands Tower431Jayko, Skeleton, Vladek, Sir Adric, Karzon, Blacksmith$49.992006
8873 Fireball Catapult.jpg8873Fireball Catapult46Santis, Shadow Knight$7.992005
8874-1.jpg8874Battle Wagon1253$19.992005
8875seigetower.jpg8875King's Siege Tower113Jayko,

King Mathias,

Shadow Knight (2)
8876 Scorpion Prison Cave.jpg8876Scorpion Prison Cave274Jayko,

Danju, Vladek, Shadow Knight,

Vladekfortress.jpg8877Vladek's Dark Fortress936Jayko,

Rascus, Santis, Danju, Vladek, Shadow Knight (3),

Castle!!!.jpg922421Castle Game  1992
925746.3.jpg925746Fright Knights Playing Cards55 1997
9376.jpg9376LEGO Dacta Castle Set321Basil the Bat Lord (x2), Fright Knight, 11 others 1997
Brickmaster.jpgBrickmasterCastle140Skeleton, Crown Knight 2009
G31317.jpgG31317Knights' Kingdom Save the Kingdom Board Game945$19.992004
G678-Knights' Kingdom Chess Set.jpgG678Knights' Kingdom Chess Set16724 2005
No imageJaykoKnights' Kingdom Wallet $8.992006
K7029.jpgK7029Complete Castle Collection2431Skeleton Warrior (x16), Crown Knight (x15), Skeletal Horse (x5), Crown Horse (x4), Dragon (x2), Crown King, Crown Princess, Evil Wizard$254.992007
K7094-1.jpgK7094Castle Collection1803Skeleton Warrior (Castle) (13x), Crown Knight (12x), Skeletal Horse (5x), Crown Horse (4x), Dragon (2x), Crown King, Crown Princess, Evil Wizard$189.992007
Attack box.pngK8800Vladek's Attack Kit365Jayko,

Santis, Rascus, Vladek,

Shadow Knight
No imageK8809Ultimate Knights Collection273$43.992004
Pin24-Ninja.jpgPin24Ninja1 1998
Ninja Puzzle.jpgRoseArtNinja Puzzle   
TS13.jpgTS13T-Shirt, Knights' Kingdom I1 ?
70400 alt1.png70400Forest Ambush90King's Knight (x2), Dragon Soldier, Axeman, Dog$11.99 / €9.99May 2013
70401 gold getaway.jpg70401Gold Getaway199King's Knight (2), Dragon Soldier$19.99 / €19.99May 2013
70402 the gatehouse thing.jpg70402The Gatehouse Raid248King's Knight (x2), Lancer, Dragon Soldier$29.99 / €29.99May 2013
70403 dragon mountain.jpg70403Dragon Mountain376Princess, King's Knight (2), Dragon Wizard, Dragon Soldier$49.99 / €49.99May 2013
70404 kings castle.png70404King's Castle996The King, White Knight, King's Knight (x2), Axeman, Lancer, Dragon Soldier$99.99 / €99.99June 2013


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