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Cave Convoy is a Power Miners themed online game in which the player controls a convoy of Power Miners vehicles and steers them through a series of dangerous caves. The objective is to collect crystals and avoid damaging or losing the convoy. There are also obstacles in the player's way, including large rocks, smaller rocks, Rock Monsters, and pits.



A Rock Monster.


An Energy Crystal.

The player must guide a convoy through rough terrain underground. Initially, the player is given a minimum of three vehicles to work with and a somewhat safe cavern without much in the way of dangers. However, as the game progresses, the player is given an increasing number of vehicles to protect, and the terrain becomes more hostile.

Rock Monsters are initially scarce, but appear with increasing regularity as the game goes on.

Energy Crystals add to the player's score, and are obtained by driving vehicles through them.

Between missions, the player must use points generated by collecting Crystals and purchase items, such as repair kits for the vehicles in case of damage, or Dynamite, which can be used to clear obstructions from offscreen.

A special points bonus of 1000 is given if none of the vehicles sustain damage during the mission. This also eliminates the need to purchase repair kits.



The Thunder Driller.


The Crystal Sweeper.


The Claw Digger.

All of the vehicles have special moves:


Cave Convoy

The gameplay, without a code active.


The Code entry panel.

  • 0000 (Night)
  • 6060 (Motorcycle)
  • 8960 (Thunder Driller solo run)
  • 8959 (Claw Digger solo run)
  • 8961 (Crystal Sweeper solo run)
  • 1867 (Bonus Dynamite)

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