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This article is about the Zotaxian named "Chamon" by Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck. For the Zotaxian named "Chamon" in other sources, see Alpha Draconis.

Chamon[1] is a Zotaxian minifigure from the UFO subtheme of Space, introduced in 1997.


Chamon has a grey torso, bright red arms and legs, and black hip and hands. He usually wears black shoulderpads and a grey UFO helmet, although one variant depicts him with a black helmet and no shoulderpads, while his key chain keeps the grey helmet but removes the shoulderpads. The torso, hip, legs, and grey helmet feature detailed printing. Chamon's head is transparent flourescent reddish-orange with alien facial features.


Chamon is a Zotaxian hailing from planet Zotax. As the Pilot, he is the commander of the UFO fleet and is always on the front lines during dangerous situations. Chamon is a real daredevil and is always ready for new adventures in alien galaxies. His powerful telepathic brain makes him practically invincible, and his helmet can generate a powerful beam from his brainwaves, allowing him to destroy and rebuild objects. Vital green crystals behind his power-shield provide him with energy to keep him alive and active.[1]

The Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck comic shows Chamon and the Officer boarding the Warp Wing-Fighter and traveling from Zotax to Vulcox. Chamon is also featured prominently in a UFO/Fright Knights commercial that appears to follow up on the comic, featuring Chamon piloting the Warp Wing-Fighter and approaching Castle Planet only to be attacked by an enormous alien, which turns out to be the hand of the kid playing with the LEGO set.[2]

In the North American storyline given in LEGO Mania Magazine, Chamon is not given a name or any specific characterization. He is simply one of the villainous aliens from planet Humorless who are enemies of the Exploriens and Roboforce.


  • In the November 1997 World Club Magazine comic Der Angriff: Der Metallfressenden Pflanzen, Chamon's name appears to be attributed to the captain of the U.F.O. Mothership, Alpha Draconis, while this minifigure is addressed as the laser-shooter Terra Jäger (Earth Hunter) piloting the U.F.O. Sistership. However, both Chamon and Alpha Draconis are also used to represent generic Zotaxian minifigures on the planet surface.[3] Alpha Draconis is also named Chamon in the Danish language version of LEGO Racers,[4] which does not feature this minifigure at all.


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