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Charlie is one of the Velociraptors that are being trained by Owen Grady that appears in Jurassic World.


Charlie was created by InGen as an attraction for the Jurassic World theme park. She is the youngest of the park's Velociraptor pack consisting of BlueDelta, and Echo. Her skin pattern is the result of using Green Iguana DNA in her genetic coding. At some point in her life, Owen Grady trained her and the other Raptors in her pack. Charlie and her pack mates were used to stop the rampage of the genetic hybrid Indominus rex. At one point in the incident, she and her packmates start to communicate strangely. She later attacked an InGen Security Division soldier. Owen noticed this, and watch her eat the soldier. Charlie looked up at him, and while she was distracted, an RPG was fired at her. She was killed instantly by the explosion as a result. Blue seemed to act more aggressively afted her death. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Charlie is the youngest member of the current raptor pack, and its least-experienced hunter. Her instinct-driven reactions make her hard to predict, so Owen never takes his eyes off her during training sessions. As the “rookie” of the group, Charlie looks to Blue for guidance and commands during hunts, and will immediately give up a meal to her pack leader. The InGen scientists have genetically programmed her with the dramatic striping of a large Green Iguana.



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