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"There she is, LEGO City!"
―Chase when he returned to LEGO City

Chase McCain is the main protagonist in the video games, LEGO City Undercover, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, and LEGO City Undercover Remastered. Chase McCain is also part of the LEGO City Police force and has a love interest commonly known as Natalia Kowalski. He is voiced by Joseph May who later voiced Thomas in the US from 2015 onward.


Chase McCain's torso is light blue with printing of a dark grey vest and a badge, his back has "Police" on the vest, and his right arm he has printing of a police badge. Chase McCain's legs and hips are black. His hips have printing of a brown belt with a grey buckle, and his legs have printing of pockets. McCain's face features a good-natured smile and brown eyebrows. He has slightly messy brick-yellow hair.


Chase McCain was a famous policeman well known throughout LEGO City who once brought down Rex Fury. Natalia testified against Rex anonymously, but Chase accidentally gave her identity away, making him have to leave LEGO City. Two years later, he returned and found out Rex Fury escaped and had begun a huge crime wave. In order to protect Natalia, Chase once again became a policeman and went undercover to bring down Rex Fury once and for all.


Book Appearances

  • LEGO CITY: Detective Chase McCain: Stop that Heist!

Mini-Movie Appearances

Video Game Appearances


All Disguises

  • Climb on blue and white bricks
  • Arrest gangsters
  • Drive cars
  • Impressive parkour skills
  • Expert kung fu skills (Skilled enough to defeat a group of thugs, ninjas, prisoners, and can defeat powerful enemies such as samurais and Tony Knuckles just by overpowering them)
    • However he isn't strong enough to overpower extremely powerful enemies in a fist fight, so he has to outsmart them instead.
  • Great durability (Such as surviving car crashes, minor explosions, and surviving atmospheric reentry).
  • Impressive agility (Capable of taking down multiple opponents and criminals before the last man could hit him)
  • Slightly above average strength (Strong enough to throw men at far distances,smash objects with a few hits,and can overpower strong opponents with brute strength alone)
  • Zip lining
  • Skilled driver
  • Halo jumping


  • Grapple Gun (Can tie up criminals with one shot)
  • Detective skills

Construction Worker

  • Break objects with a jackhammer
  • Take coffee breaks
  • Fix junction boxes


  • Pig Cannon
  • Chicken Glide
  • Super Chicken Glide
  • Shoot eggs that stun opponents
  • Irrigate plants


  • Put out fires with a fire extinguisher which can stun enemies.
  • Destroy planks with an axe
    • Can also use it offensively to destroy defenses.
  • Save cats
  • Use firetrucks to put out larger fires.


  • Break open gates with a crowbar
  • Crack open safes
  • Color Gun (Using Color Swappers and it can stop opponents in their tracks for a few seconds)
  • Destroy ATMs


  • Use dynamite
  • Destroy boulders with a pickaxe


  • Teleport (Using Teleport Pads)
  • Jetpack
  • Super jetpack hover
  • Use space boxes
  • Laser gun (Able to stop machines and paralyze targets for a few seconds)

Gallery of Variants

PromotionalElite PoliceLEGO Dimensions2017

Gallery of Video Game Variants

LEGO City Undercover (Shown in order unlocked.)

Chase McCain Casual 1.png
Chase McCain 007.png
Chase McCain Casual 2.png
Chase Asturnout.png
Chase Purple Suit.png
CivilianPoliceRobberMinerUndercover (Police)AstronautChase Suit (Police) (One level only)FarmerFiremanConstruction

LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins

Chase McCain Begins.png
Normal (Police)

LEGO Dimensions

Chase ingame.png
Construction Worker.PNG
Normal (Police)MinerFiremanConstruction WorkerFarmerAstronaut

Note: There are no Robber or Civilian Disguises.


  • The image of Chase McCain on the packaging of 5000281 Chase McCain depicts him with brown hair instead of blonde, although the minifigure inside has blonde hair.
  • In 60007 High Speed Chase, he has the outfit of a standard LEGO City Elite Police officer, with earth blue pants, a slightly different torso print with a walkie-talkie, and no arm printing.
  • He is mentioned in the July-August 2012 LEGO Club Magazine.
  • He is voiced by Joseph May. He also voiced Thomas in Thomas and Friends from 2015 to 2021.
  • He has ornithophobia: the fear of parrots. (In this case, French parrots, which could be called gallicornithophobia.)
  • He has a habit of falling flat on his face.
  • He's not to be confused with Agent Chase from Agents.
  • His jeep in 60007 High Speed Chase also appeared in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins in some of the cut scenes at the forest police station and is an unlockable car if a code is typed at the Police Station Garage.
  • In the remastered version of LEGO City Undercover, his original outfit is replaced with his 2017 outfit. However, in the new Co-op mode, the second player wears his classic outfit.


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