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Chase Stein is a playable character in LEGO Marvel's Avengers and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.


Upon learning that his mother and abusive father were part of a cult known as the Pride, Chase Stein joined a superhero group known as "the Runaways" alongside the children of the other cult members. During their escape, Chase learned that his parents are mad scientists with a wide variety of mechanical contraptions stored away, and stole a pair of X-Ray goggles and pyrokinetic gauntlets known as "the Fistigons" from them. He was given the nickname "Talkback" by his teammates due to his defiant nature. He became particularly close to Gert Yorkes, and was traumatized by her death, becoming the new guardian of Old Lace in her stead.

When he and Nico were trapped within a death game run by the villain Arcade, he temporarily came into possession of the supposedly-deceased Darkhawk's amulet, becoming an entity known as "Chasehawk" when using it. After Darkhawk was revealed to still be alive, he returned the amulet to him.

Years later, Chase managed to bring Gert back to life using her parents' time machine, returning to the point in time right before her death and saving her life with Nico Minoru's help. Gert's revival ultimately led to the reformation of the Runaways.