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The second Cheetah (born Barbara Ann Minerva) is a DC Comics minifigure who first appeared in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham before making her physical debut in a LEGO DC set. She is the arch-enemy of Wonder Woman.



Originally a friend of Wonder Woman, British archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva found out about an African tribe's ritual to become the vessel of the feral Cheetah spirit from the bloodthirsty god Urzkartaga. Hungry for power, Barbara forced the natives to perform the ceremony on her which transformed her into the perfect Cheetah Avatar.

The Cheetah spirit personified Barbara's darkest desires and traits, corrupting her into becoming the villainess known as "The Cheetah" who went on to become the arch-nemesis of her former friend Wonder Woman. As Cheetah, Barbara had indestructible skin, super strength, claws, fangs, the speed of a cheetah and heightened senses of smell and hearing.

Official LEGO Description

The Cheetah™ is the villainous alter ego of Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist who stole the powers of a mystical artefact allowing her to transform into the cunning archenemy of Wonder Woman™. Already immensely intelligent, Minerva gained super-strength, speed, catlike agility and razor-sharp claws. Before her transformation, Minerva and Wonder Woman were friends. Now, as The Cheetah, she resents the Amazon Princess for thwarting her evil endeavours!

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  • She is the only licensed minifigure in Super Heroes that is in yellow skin.
  • She reuses the tail piece used for Scratchy from The Simpsons theme, but in yellow.
  • Barbara Minerva is actually the third incarnation of Cheetah with the original having been an aristocratic socialite named Priscilla Rich who fought Wonder Woman during the Golden Age of comics.
  • Cheetah runs on all fours.
  • The Minerva version of Cheetah in the LEGO DC video game voice actor Erica Luttrell reprised her role from the animated film JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time, and went on to play her again in the video game Injustice 2.
  • The physical variant is based on Minerva's appearance in New Earth comics.
  • In the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, Minerva was voiced by Ashley Eckstein who also voiced Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars animated properties.
  • Minerva's role in Wonder Woman 1984 was portrayed by Kristen Wiig who also played Erin Gilbert in the female-led Ghostbusters reboot.