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Cheetah is a DC Comics minifigure appeared in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. She is the arch-enemy of Wonder Woman.


Originally a friend of Wonder Woman, archaeologist Barbara Minerva found about an African tribe's ritual to become the vessel of the Cheetah spirit, and forced the natives to perform the ceremony on her. Now she uses her Cheetah powers to get valuable artifacts, like Wonder Woman's golden lasso.

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  • She is the only licensed minifigure in Super Heroes that is in yellow skin.
  • She reuses the tail piece used for Scratchy from The Simpsons theme, but in yellow.
  • Cheetah runs on all fours.
  • Cheetah's LEGO Batman 3 voice actor Erica Luttrell reprise her role from the animated film JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time, and went on to play her again in the video game Injustice 2.
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