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Chef is a City minifigure that was introduced in 2005.


2005 Variant

This variant has white legs, hips, torso, and arms. His torso has eight white buttons, and a red bow tie that hangs down. He has yellow hands and a yellow head with an open mouth, a large black mustache that curves up at the end, eyes, and two eyebrows, the left one being raised. He also has a toque hat.

2008 Variant

The 2008 variant is identical to the 2005 one, except he has a much younger face with no beard or mustache, and brown eyebrows instead of black.

2009 Variant

The 2009 variant has black legs and hips, a identical top to the others, a yellow head with a mouth and eyes, as well as beige eyebrows, beard, and mustache. He also has a toque hat.

Female Variant

This variant has light stone grey legs and hips, an identical torso to the others. Her head has a smile and lipstick, eyes, and brown eyebrows. She has a brown hair piece with a pony tail.


  • The 2005 male Chef is available as a gift (not for purchase) for guests at the LEGOLAND hotel restaurant in Billund, Denmark. In this variant, he comes with white trousers, mimicking the large chef made out of blocks that stands in the hotel restaurant. He also comes with a clear wine goblet.


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