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The Chess Queen minifigure was a giant chess piece part of Professor McGonagall's transfigured chessboard. It was the fourth task to get by that was guarding the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, and was part of the white chess team. Instead of a regular minifigure head, it has a cylindrical piece and, instead of normal minifigure legs, a slope piece for her legs. She wields a white staff and a Belville crown. She is the chess figure that nearly killed Ron.


She wears a silver crown over a white cylindrical piece that is used for her head. She has a plain white torso and a slanted white dress piece.


  • In the video game, the Chess Queen is greatly redesigned, despite already being a minifigure. Also, she does not nearly kill Ron as she does in the book/movie, rather he trips on a sword and Hermione and Harry Potter move on without him.


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