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"What you folks need is a guy in a chicken costume!"
―Chicken Suit Guy

The Chicken Suit Guy is a Minifigures Series 9 minifigure released in January 2013. He will also make an appearance in LEGO Minifigures Online.


The Chicken Suit Guy has a new hat piece that represents a chicken head with a hole that shows his face. The hat has an orange beak, two black eyes with white pupils, a red comb and a red wattle. He has a yellow head with an open, smiling mouth, showing his upper teeth, and brown eyebrows. He has a plain white torso. His arms are a mould, exclusive to him, that are shaped like wings. He has orange legs with white hips, and some white feathers at the top of them, as well as red claw markings at the bottom.


Chicken Suit Guy was a fast food mascot.

He appears in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed as an attacker with the abilities What the Peck, Wings of Fury, Drumstick Kick, Spring Chicken and the Ultimate ability Chicken Tender Eyes. When he was first released, he lacked the fourth ability.

Chicken Suit Guy is the first character to be unlocked in the game and starts out at 3 stars. He is notable for his easy gear unlockables and high-damage attacks.



Movie Appearances

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“What you folks need is a guy in a chicken costume!”

The Chicken Suit Guy started out as a fast-food mascot, but he knew that he could be much more. If he could help people decide what to have for lunch, then surely there must be other ways that he could help too. So he set out on the road and started to travel the world in search of adventure.

Now wherever people are in trouble, the Chicken Suit Guy will be there, flapping his wings and making clucking sounds until the crisis is over. It’s hard to say how he always ends up going exactly where he’s needed most, but everyone is glad to know that there’s a Minifigure in a giant chicken costume looking out for them!" This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Please do not modify it.

Beginning as the humble mascot of a local fast food chain, Chicken Suit Guy knew that his destiny was to right wrongs wherever villainy had come to roost. Finally, one night Chicken Suit Guy hatched his plan and traded in his drumsticks for drubbings. So while he'd prefer to spend his time helping good, law-abiding citizens with nuggets of wisdom, he might occasionally have to beat the stuffing out of a bad guy or two.



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