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Chief Brown Bear is a 1998 DUPLO Western Indian tribe leader. It is implied he is chief of his tribe by his name, and has a wife and daughter, even though his daughter only appears in 2432 Chief's Family. He is the only male, adult native american in the theme, even though the Indian part of DUPLO Western takes up 5 out of the 9 released sets, in which he appears in all of them.


Chief Brown Bear wears a headdress that appears to be made of feathers. He has green and red paint on his face, similar to that of an animal's whiskers. Around his neck, he has imprinted on a necklace with two feathers at the bottom. He has white paint striped on both sides of his ribs in four rows. He has regular black pants.



  • He also appeared in 9186 LEGO DUPLO Indians, in which he was portrayed as two regular native americans rather than tribal leaders. Again, he was the only male in the set.
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