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Chinese New Year is a collection of sets which are released annually to celebrate the holiday of the same name. Each year the mascot is different, cellebrating the respective zodiac sign animal.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Yearofthesnake10250Year of The Snake  2013
LEGO Creator Year of the Sheep40148Year of the Sheep99 2015
40207-140207Year of the Monkey165N/A 2016
40186 alt140186Year of the Pig152N/A June 25, 2019
80101 alt180101Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner615Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Boy, Girl 2019
80102 alt180102Dragon Dance622 2019
8010380103Dragon Boat Race64315$49.99 / €49.99July 1, 2019
80104 alt180104Lion Dance8828 2020
80105 alt180105Temple Fair166414 2020
40355-140355Year of the Rat162N/A 2020
40395-140395Chinese Dragon N/A January, 2020
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