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Chop'rai,[1][2] alternatively spelled as Chope'rai,[3] appears as one of the minor antagonists in the 2015 Ninjago sets. He has a new armour piece.


Chop'rai shares his head and tail pieces with Kapau'rai; the head was later recolored and reprinted for use on Clancee and Eyezorai. His torso print is unique, while his armor piece is shared with Zugu.


Chop'rai is the same person as Chope. He was mostly seen standing guard with Kapau/Kapau'rai. After Chen cast the Anacondrai awakening spell, he along with all Anacondrai Cultists were transformed into Anacondrai.


Video Game Appearances

LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Please do not modify it.

NAME: Chope'rai
Chope wanted to rise to a position of power in Master Chen's army and believed that getting cool nicknames was the way to go. So he became 'Chope', or 'Chope-Chope' to his closest friends. When he became a snake, his name changed to Chope'rai.




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