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Chope is a Ninjago minifigure that appears in 2015.


Chope has a unique face print, with purple tattoos surrounding his facial features; these include black eyebrows. He has red makeup around his eyes, and his lips are parted in a snarl to reveal his teeth. Chope also has a unique torso print, but shares his bone helmet piece with Kapau, Krait, Sleven, and Zugu. He shares his legs with Eyezorai and Kapau.


He is a Condrai Cult member frequently in the company of Kapau, and who with him captured Skylor and read the spell that employed her Elemental Powers to turn the Cult members into Anacondrai.


  • His name is a pun on 'chop'.
  • Chope is the same person as Chop'rai.
  • He was performed in episode 39 "Spy for a Spy".
  • Chope's name is made by himself.
  • Chope is Kapau's Friend.
  • He and Kapau caught Skylor, and then read the spell themselves, due to Clouse's exile.
  • He is exclusive to 70754 Electro Mech.
  • He doesn't like the color blue as revealed in episode 37 "Versus".