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City was a continuation of the Jack Stone theme. It was a subtheme of 4 Juniors in 2003, and later 4 Plus following its renaming. 4 sets were released in 2004, and the rest the previous year. Although a continuation of the Jack Stone theme, Jack Stone only appeared in 4655 Quick Fix Station.


The City part of 4 Juniors and 4 Plus was the main part, and a continuation of the previous and successful Jack Stone line (2001-2002). It featured many of the same things, including returns of several minifigures including Jack Stone himself. It consisted of several lines, including Construction, Police and Firefighters.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4651 box4651Police Motorcycle11Police Officer$2.992003
4652-14652Tow Truck26Truck Driver$10.002003
4653 Dump Truck4653Dump Truck281$10.002003
46544654Tanker Truck421$14.992003
4655-14655Quick Fix Station101Gas Station Attendant, Jack Stone (Minifigure)$25.002003
46574657Fire Squad HQ139Fire Chief Ron Flame, Fireman, Jack Stone$39.002003
KC47KC47Truck Driver Key Chain1Truck Driver 2003
Kc048KC48Policeman Key Chain  2003
KC58KC58Firefighter Key Chain1Fireman 2003
M034junm034jun2003 Mini 4 Juniors  2003
4666 Speedy Police Car4666Speedy Police Car24Police Officer$5.002004
4667-Loadin' Digger4667Loadin' Digger30Tractor Driver$7.992004
46684668Outrigger Construction Crane612$12.992004
46694669Turbo-Charged Police Boat552$19.992004
7099-1-11292157917099Motor1 2004
425034642503464 Juniors Police Watch Set  2004
C04de4juc04de4ju2004 Medium 4 Juniors  2004