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City Center was a renaming of Town and was the successor to Town Jr., whose simplified building style is picked up. This subtheme appeared simply as City in European catalogues.

City Center was introduced in 1999 and discontinued in 2000. The next city theme, World City, was released three years later, in 2003. Some sets from this theme have been re-released.

List of Sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
12461246Helicopter25Police Officer$1.701999
1247-21247Patrol Car311$1.701999
1248-Fire Boat1248Fire Boat23Fireman$1.701999
Fire Helicopter1294Fire Helicopter261 2000
1295-11295Water Rider301 2000
1296-Land Scooper1296Land Scooper301 2000
1297-Speed Patroller1297Speed Patroller341 2000
33503350Three Minifigure Pack - City 1243$4.992000
3351-13351Three Minifigure Pack - City 2213$4.992000
6423 Box6423Mini Tow Truck351$4.992000
6425-TV Chopper6425TV Chopper371$4.001999
64296429Blaze Responder432$13.001999
64326432Speedway Transport1322$22.001999
64336433Coastwatch863 Police Officers$30.001999
64346434Roadside Repair2105$50.001999
6436-16436Go-Kart22Racer 1999
6437-16437Beach Buggy271 1999
6464 Super Rescue Complex6464Super Rescue Complex3316$77.001999
6467-1-16467Power Pitstop66Racer, Octan Worker$9.991999
6471-1-164714WD Police Patrol29Police Officer$5.002000
6472 Gas N' Wash Express6472Gas N' Wash Express4613$49.99 / €49.992001
6478 Box6478Fire Station2314$50.002000
64986498Go-Kart221 Racer 1999
6600 Highway Construction6600Highway Construction3105$79.99 / €79.992000
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