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This is a list of the vehicles that appear in the City theme under the Police subtheme.

Police Helicopter

The Police Helicopter released in 2005 was a two propeller helicopter that was featured in a Police Station. It can hold one Police minifigure and one criminal Minifigure

The Police Helicopter released in 2008 is a larger and more sleek model. It has four propellers, and a camera. It also has compartments on the side to hold handcuffs, and binoculars. It also has a searchlight at the front, a camera with irfra-red and space for 1 police minifigure in the cockpit

The Police Helicopter released in 2011 is much larger helicopter model. It has four large propellers, it can hold one pilot, however several minifigures can be placed in the back, it also has an opening door.

Police Van

The Police Van appeared in the Police Station in 2005 and can hold one driver and one prisoner. The prisoner can be placed in the back.

The Prisoner Transport was released in 2005 with black stickers, but was later released with blue stickers, it is a large police van with a large cockpit and a cell in the back to hold prisoners.