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Classic Space is an unofficial term retrospectively attributed to the Space sets that were released before 1987, and shared some common characteristics that set them apart from the following Space sets. Most importantly, all Classic Space Minifigures featured the old visorless helmets, which were eventually phased out in favor of newer helmets with movable visors in 1987. There were also no truly different factions as in the time after 1987. All astronauts of Classic Space were peaceful explorers, and there were no antagonistic groups. The larger flying craft of the Classic Space sets all featured a brick with their set number on it.

The initial introduction of the Space theme marks also the beginning of Classic Space.


Classic Space 1979

Some of the first Space sets in a catalog from 1979

The first LEGO Space sets were a leap forward in LEGO design. Compared to the LEGO Company's previous spaceflight-related sets (801 Space Rocket in 1964, 358 Rocket Base in 1973, and 565 Moon Landing in 1976), this new theme of sets boasted new parts and building techniques never before seen in LEGO sets. Although the theme used plenty of basic bricks, there were now parts with finer detail used in smoother looking ships and multi-purpose vehicles.

Despite curiosities such as steering wheels used to direct spacecraft, and often no inflight pilot protection other than a spacesuit (with a visorless helmet), simple new constructs sparked builders' imaginations. Starting with spaceships and basic wheeled vehicles, the theme developed, occasionally mirroring science fiction designs. As LEGO Space expanded, the basic pattern of ground-buggies, walking robots, small and large spaceships, and bases emerged.

Early Space sets had a simplistically modern yet colourful charm unrivaled by any other mass-produced science-fiction toy of the time. Many of the theme's more specialized pieces had yet to be developed, although when Space was first introduced, many parts were new, or were older parts made in new colours. Examples of these early simple sets include 462 Rocket Launcher (1978), and 442 Space Shuttle, and 452 Mobile Tracking Station (both 1979).

Perfectly suited for utilitarian LEGO Space, gray had finally become a major colour for a LEGO theme, especially as more plate-type parts were made in that colour, even before LEGO Castle whose first predominantly grey castles were not introduced until 1984. Most often, gray Space sets were paired with green windows, and the other predominant colour scheme was blue with yellow windows. With the introduction of the 6929 Starfleet Voyager in 1981, there were also classic spaceships that appeared in white, with blue canopies, albeit this new colour scheme didn't really catch on until the introduction of Futuron in 1987. The advent of this new theme sounded the bell for the end of the Classic Space era. New parts, most notably the new visored helmets, were introduced as well as a distinct looking adversary faction, but it also reprised several elements of Classic Space such as the coloured spacesuits, the logo, and the concept of civilian space explorers, looking more like a visually updated continuation than a mere replacement.

New sets in the style of Classic Space were still released until 1988, but those sets sported the Futuron colour scheme, although they still included the old minifigures with their visorless helmets.


Space Police Classic Space Statue

The statue of a Classic Space astronaut that appeared in 5974 Galactic Enforcer

  • Several of the ships in the Classic Space theme have a designation on their hulls, consisting of LL-and a number. Later, 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! uses this same type of marking, with it's apparent designation being LL-929, which is also a continuation of a pattern in these ship designations.
    • LL stands for LegoLand, which is the theme that Classic Space was a part of before becoming the actual Space theme.
  • A minifigure statue included in 5974 Galactic Enforcer resembles a Classic Space astronaut, although it does not feature a classic helmet but instead a normal one without visor. The Latin writing on the pedestal says "In annos triginta ad caelum infinitum construxit." ("In thirty years it built to the infinite sky"), commemorating the 30th anniversary of LEGO Space.
  • A Classic Space astronaut appeared in LEGO Battles as an unlockable hero unit.
  • In 55000 LEGO Universe, completing all the Crux Prime Achiever missions awards the player with a black Classic Space Torso.

Vehicles and facilities[]

Popular spaceships and vehicles from the Classic Space era include:

497 Galaxy Explorer (1979), 6929 Starfleet Voyager (1980), 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport (1982), 6980 Galaxy Commander (1983), and 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager (1986).

The major surface bases were:

493 Space Command Center (1978), 483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base (1979), 6970 Beta-1 Command Base (1980), 6971 Intergalactic Command Base (1984), and 6972 Polaris-I Space Lab (1987).

Baseplates from this era:

306 Landing Plates (1979), and 305 2 Crater Plates (1979)



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
462 Box462Rocket Launcher60Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman$N/A1978
493 Box493Space Command Center161Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1978
885 Space Scooter885Space Scooter20Red Classic Spaceman 1978
897 Box897Launcher60Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1978
918 Space Transport918Space Transport85Red Classic Spaceman 1978
926 Command Centre926Command Centre161Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1978


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
0012 Space Mini-Figures0012Space Mini-Figures10Spaceman Reed (x2) 1979
0013 Space Minifigures0013Space Mini-Figures White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979
0014 Space Minifigures0014Space Mini-Figures Yellow Classic Spaceman 1979
0015 Space Mini-Figures0015Space Mini-Figures18Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1979
305 Crater Plates3052 Crater Plates2$6.501979
306 Space Landing Plates306Landing Plates2 1979
442 Box442Space Shuttle35White Classic Spaceman 1979
452 Box452Mobile Tracking Station65White Classic Spaceman 1979
453-1453Crater Plates2 1979
454-Lunar Landing Plates454Landing Plates2 1979
483 Box483Alpha-1 Rocket Base170Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979
487 Box487Space Cruiser155Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman$10.001979
497 Box497Galaxy Explorer338Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2)$32.001979
886 Space Buggy886Space Buggy23White Classic Spaceman 1979
889 Box889Radar Truck23Red Classic Spaceman 1979
891 Two-Man Scooter891Two-Man Scooter35White Classic Spaceman 1979
894 Box894Tracking Station65White Classic Spaceman 1979
920-2-1920Launch Pad170Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman (x2) 1979
924 Box924Transporter155Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1979
928 Galaxy Explorer928Galaxy Explorer338Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1979


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
68216821Shovel Buggy32White Classic Spaceman 1980
68416841Mineral Detector44Red Classic Spaceman 1980
6861 Box6861X-1 Patrol Craft53Red Classic Spaceman$3.991980
6901-1 Box6901Mobile Lab135Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1980
6970 Box6970Beta-1 Command Base254Red Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2)$36.991980


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
6801 Box6801Rocket Sled21White Classic Spaceman 1981
68226822Space Shuttle32Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6842 Box6842Shuttle Craft44Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6870 Box6870Space Probe Launcher52Red Classic Spaceman 1981
6927 Box6927All-Terrain Vehicle167Red Classic Spaceman (1) , White Classic Spaceman (1)$14.501981
6929 Box6929Starfleet Voyager243Red Classic Spaceman$15.001981


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
6880 Box6880Surface Explorer80Yellow Classic Spaceman$7.501982
6890 Box6890Cosmic Cruiser111Red Classic Spaceman$11.001982
6950 Box6950Mobile Rocket Transport202Yellow Classic Spaceman (2×) 1982


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1593 Lever Bros Space Set1593Lever Bros Space Set313Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
19771977Space Value Pack82Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
6803 Space Patrol6803Space Patrol23White Classic Spaceman 1983
6823 Box6823Surface Transport25Yellow Classic Spaceman 1983
6844 Box6844Seismologic Vehicle40White Classic Spaceman 1983
6930 Box6930Space Supply Station200Red Classic Spaceman (2), Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1983
6980 Box6980Galaxy Commander427Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman (2), White Classic Spaceman (2) 1983


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1983-11983Space Value Pack97Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1984
68046804Surface Rover16White Classic Spaceman$1.971984
6824 Box6824Space Dart-I43Blue Classic Spaceman 1984
6846 Box6846Tri-Star Voyager66Red Classic Spaceman$4.451984
6871 Box6871Star-Patrol Launcher66Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman 1984
6881 Box6881Lunar Rocket Launcher94White Classic Spaceman 1984
6928 Box6928Uranium Search Vehicle196Spaceman Jens, White Classic Spaceman 1984
6951 Box6951Robot Command Centre278Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1984
6971 Box6971Intergalactic Command Base312Spaceman Jens, Blue Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1984


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1968 Box1968Space Express177Red Classic Spaceman 1985
19691969Space Value Pack151Red Classic Spaceman, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
19991999Space Value Pack89Yellow Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman 1985
6805 Box6805Astro Dasher26Blue Classic Spaceman 1985
6806 Box6806Surface Hopper Spaceman Reed 1985
6807-16807Space Scooter with Robot23Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6825 Box6825Cosmic Comet37White Classic Spaceman 1985
6826 Box6826Crater Crawler26Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6847 Box6847Space Dozer47Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6848-1 Box6848Interplanetary Shuttle50Spaceman Reed 1985
6872-1 Box6872Lunar Patrol Craft85Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6882 Box6882Walking Astro Grappler86Spaceman Jens 1985
6891 Box6891Gamma-V Laser Craft132Spaceman Jens, Robot 1985
6931 Box6931FX-Star Patroller218Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985
6952 Solar Power Transporter6952Solar Power Transporter299Spaceman Reed, Spaceman Jens, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1985


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
15261526Space Radar Buggy Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986 (unreleased)
1557 Box1557Space Scooter25Red Classic Spaceman 1986
1558 Mobile Command Trailer1558Mobile Command Trailer64Black Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
1580 Package1580Lunar Scout67Blue Classic Spaceman 1986
1507 Space Value Pack1507Space Value Pack89Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6702-Space Mini-Figures6702Space Mini-Figures56Black Classic Spaceman, Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman, Spaceman Leo, Roger Robot, Robot$5.501986
6750 Box6750Sonic Robot103Blue Classic Spaceman, Spaceman Reed 1986
6780 Light & Sound XT - Starship6780XT Starship201Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6783 Box6783Sonar Transmitting Cruiser345Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman, Robot OK$55.001986
6802 Box6802Space Probe20Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6820 Starfire I6820Starfire I32Blue Classic Spaceman 1986
6845 Cosmic Charger6845Cosmic Charger48White Classic Spaceman 1986
6874 Box6874Moon Rover63Red Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986
6892 Box6892Modular Space Transport141Yellow Classic Spaceman (2×) 1986
6926 Box6926Mobile Recovery Vehicle147Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1986
6940 Alien Moon Stalker6940Alien Moon Stalker259Blue Classic Spaceman, Red Classic Spaceman 1986
6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager6985Cosmic Fleet Voyager404Spaceman Jens, Spaceman Reed, White Classic Spaceman, Yellow Classic Spaceman 1986


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1498 Spy-Bot1498Spy-Bot66 1987
1499 Box1499Twin Starfire85Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1987
15101510Unnamed Bonus Pack151Yellow Classic Spaceman (2) 1987
5034-15034Replacement Light & Sound 1x2 Lighting Brick with Coloured Globes5 1987
6808 Box6808Galaxy Trekkor31Blue Classic Spaceman 1987
6827 Box6827Strata Scooter28Blue Classic Spaceman 1987
6849 Box6849Satellite Patroller39Yellow Classic Spaceman 1987
6883 Box6883Terrestrial Rover99White Classic Spaceman 1987
6972 Box6972Polaris-I Space Lab386Blue Classic Spaceman (3) 1987


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
6809 Box6809XT-5 And Droid37Blue Classic Spaceman 1988




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