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Claw-Dette is a villain in the Agents theme. She sported a robotic right arm given to her by Dr. Inferno. Her hair is like that of Agent Swift. When Agent Fuse went on a solo mission to Dr. Inferno's volcano base, Fire Arm and Claw-Dette captured him. She stays close to Dr. Inferno at all times.


  • Claw-Dette is the only female Agents villain apart from Dyna-Mite.
  • In DK Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection, she does not appear in the Agents section.
  • She has the same hairpiece as Nya and Dyna-Mite, although Dyna-Mite's is in a different colour.
  • The term "claw" is included in her name due to her prosthetic arm. It is unknown how she lost her arm.
  • Her face is the same as the Evil Witch from the 2007 Castle theme.


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