This article is about the minifigure named "Biff Barker" in July-August 2007 LEGO Magazine. For the character from the May-June 2007 LEGO BrickMaster Magazine, see Trike Driver.

The Claw-Tank Driver, also known as Biff Barker,[1] is a Mars Mission minifigure.


The Claw-Tank Driver wears the standard Mars Mission astronaut white and orange spacesuit, with a white helmet and gold visor. He reuses the face of the 4589 RC Nitro Flash racecar driver from Drome Racers.

When piloting the Gripley, the Claw-Tank Driver does not wear a helmet.


The Claw-Tank Driver is an expert in robotics, engineering, and field maintenance, making him an ideal candidate for operating the MT-51 Claw-Tank. If the vehicle is damaged during an Alien ambush, the Claw-Tank Driver can repair it.

In 4850307 LEGO Battles, the Claw-Tank Driver operates the Gripley, a modified mining mech suit acting as Earth's Mounted unit. However, in the Earth Act 3 cutscene, the Trooper is given the Gripley's key card instead. In the Earth Final cutscene, the Claw-Tank Driver is among the Earth Command units celebrating their victory over the Alien army.


  • In the July-August 2007 issue of LEGO Magazine, the Claw-Tank Driver introduces himself by name, Biff Barker.[1] He shares his given name with Biff Starling, a previous minifigure sent to Mars. The name Biff would later be reused for the Mars Mission astronaut Biff in 4850307 LEGO Battles, who has a different design from the Claw-Tank Driver. In the LEGO BrickMaster Magazine-exclusive Mars Mission Menace! comic, the Trike Driver is implied to be named Biff Barker; this might be explained by the fact that Biff Barker's dialogue in Mars Mission Menace! is spoken over the radio, instead of directly coming from the Trike Driver himself.

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The MT-51 Claw-Tank is a complicated piece of heavy machinery, and the Claw-Tank Driver is just the guy to drive it. He's an expert in robotics, engineering and field maintenance, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty repairing a damaged vehicle.



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