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Clay Moorington is a Nexo Knights minifigure released in 2016. He is the leader of the Nexo Knights and main protagonist of the theme.



Clay, like all the other Nexo Knights, has a newly-molded helmet and shoulder armor that depicts his trademark eagle crest on his torso. His suit's torso and legs have grey color with blue designs with orange highlights, while his arms are silver and his hips and hands have a dark blue color. Without his helmet on, he has dark brown hair.


His ultimate form has the same armor and helmet, but in transparent blue. The design of his torso and legs is the same than in his regular form with blue and dark blue replacing the grey and silver colors.


Clay is the leader of the Nexo Knights. He was originally a farmboy, graduating top of his class before the official graduation ceremony. He seemed to be the only person who really cared about the royal jester Jestro, who was convinced to turn evil by the Book of Monsters and Cloud of Monstrox, although Clay repeatedly tried to stop him. Jestro later tried to attack the city with his Lava Army and Stone Army, with Clay and his fellow knights tried to defend it, before becoming quickly overwhelmed by the strange new opponents. Clay was the first to receive his Nexo Power, directing the others also to point their shields at the sky whereas they also received their Nexo Powers. He later lead the Nexo Knights to try to overcome Jestro's Lava Army, succeeding when he received ultimate power from Merlok 2.0 and destroying the entire army except for Jestro and Monstrox.

After being struck by Monstrox' lightning attacks, he begins slowly turning to stone. He does eventually turn into stone, and is reborn as the Gray Knight, but is quickly turned back to the good side by Merlok. He is eventually turned back into a human thanks to his innate magic abilities. Clay is using his magic hand.


Clay is a rather serious individual, who plans well before attacks. Once a simple worker boy who had to work to get supper, he grew to become top of his class in the Knights' Academy. He is a concerned friend, willing to help others when they are down. However, he is often frustrated with his fellow knight Lance Richmond's easygoing nature. Descriptions This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Strength: 9/10
Funny: 1/10
Chivalry: 10/10
Coolness: 5/10

Description: Most heroically heroic hero… Ever!
Weapon: Single-hand Claymore sword
Vehicles: Rumble Blade
Skills: Rescuing, training, leadership
Dislikes: Not training, pre-battle joke improvising
Likes: The Knight’s Code, training videos

Clay is all about being a knight. He grew up as an orphan and spent every day striving to become one. Now that his dream has come true, he spends every day training his moves, learning new skills or fighting evil. And when he finally sleeps, he dreams of all the heroic deeds he will perform tomorrow.

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