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Clikits was LEGO's 4th major theme designed specifically for girls. It came after Scala, Paradisa, and Belville. Like Belville, it had many sets, running from 2003 to 2006. The accessories lasted until 2008 in specified areas.


Clikits focused mainly upon the construction of bracelets and necklaces. Others were focused on beauty, including hair styling tools, while even others were focused on Room Decor, such as pillows, art, and frames.

Clikits Figures

List of Sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1385.png1385Clikits Promotional Set13 2003
1386.png1386Jewelry Sample13 2004
No image3192Cool Friends Clips & Pad  2006
3193.jpg3193Fashion Designer Kit14 2005
3194 Clikits Heart Bracelet.jpg3194Clikits Heart Bracelet9 2004
3195 Daisy Bracelet.jpg3195Daisy Bracelet9 2004
3196 Star Bracelet.jpg3196Star Bracelet9 Clikits
4874.jpg4874Cool Friends Notes8 2005
4875-1.jpg4875Groovy Friends Gems13 2005
4876.jpg4876Fun Friends Hair Bands22 2005
7501-1.jpg7501Bangle Minis32$3.992003
7502-1.jpg7502Photo Minis30$3.992003
7503.jpg7503Memo Minis $3.992003
7504.jpg7504Friendship Frame or Mirror15$4.992004
7505.jpg7505Flowered Hair Bands16$4.992004
7506-Starry Bangles and Rings.jpg7506Starry Bangles and Rings9$3.992004
7509 Jewels-n-Clips.jpg7509Jewels-n-Clips72$6.992003
7510-Trendy Tote Hot Pink.jpg7510Trendy Tote Hot Pink89$14.992003
7511-1.jpg7511Trendy Tote Tangerine94$14.992003
7512.png7512Trendy Tote Sky Blue94$14.992003
7513 Ultimate Design Studio.jpg7513Ultimate Design Studio281$29.992003
7514-1.jpg7514Sweet Dreamy Jewels48$7.002004
7515-1.jpg7515Striped Sunny Jewels48$7.002004
7516-1.jpg7516Cool Starry Jewels52$7.002004
7517.png7517Cool Room Decor131$9.992003
7518.png7518Cool Room Catchers111$9.992003
7519.png7519Cool Room Frames111$9.992003
7520.png7520Pillow Decor 'n More104$19.992003
7521.png7521Pretty Punch Activity Set30$19.992003
7522.png7522Let's Party210$19.992003
7523-1.jpg7523Hip Hair Set16$5.002005
7524-1.jpg7524Glamour Girl Purse18$5.002004
7525-1.jpg7525Sunshine Picture Clips22$5.002004
7526-1.jpg7526My Starry Notes27$5.002004
7527-1.jpg7527Pretty in Pink Beauty Set136$20.002005
7528-1.jpg7528Designer Desk Set69$13.002004
7529-1.jpg7529Stylin' Stationery Set72$13.002004
7530-1.jpg7530Starry Decoration Set70$13.002004
7531-1.jpg7531Ultimate Jewelry Collection150$20.002004
7532-1.jpg7532My Special Storage Space $35.002004
7533-1.jpg7533Pretty in Pink Jewels-n-More67Heart$8.002005
7534-1.jpg7534Stylin' Citrus Jewels-n-More67Daisy$8.002005
7535-1.jpg7535Groovy Grape Jewels-n-More67Star$8.002005
7536-1.jpg7536Modern Magnetic Room Decor72$13.002005
7537-1.jpg7537Cool Carry-All Set74 2005
7538-1.jpg7538Totally CLIKITS Fashion Bag and Accessories  2005
7539.png7539Clikits Collections  2005
7540-1.jpg7540Friends 4-Ever Jewels 'n' More $10.002005
7541-1.jpg7541Friendship Frames 'n' Notes $10.002005
7542-1.jpg7542Flashin' Fashion Frame  2005
7545 Pink & Pearls Jewels 'n' More.jpg7545Pink and Pearls Jewels 'n' More68 2006
7546 Tropical Breeze Jewels 'n' More.jpg7546Tropical Breeze Jewels 'n' More73 2006
7548 Fun Flamingo Frames ‘n’ More.jpg7548Fun Flamingo Frames 'n' More79 2006
7549 Totally Tropical Decor Set.jpg7549Totally Tropical Decor Set132 2006
7554 Pearly Pink Bracelet and Bands.jpg7554Pearly Pink Bracelet and Bands  2006
7555 Glitter and Sparkle Beauty Set.jpg7555Glitter and Sparkle Beauty Set57 2006
7557-1.jpg7557Blooms & Butterflies14$3.002005
7558-1.jpg7558Shells and Starfish14$3.002005
7559-1.jpg7559Sports & Stars14$3.002005
7574 Holiday Gift Calendar.jpg7574CLIKITS Holiday Gift Calendar115 2005
7575 Advent Calendar.jpg7575CLIKITS Advent Calendar124$15.002004
Clikit1.jpg7925Clickits Fashion Design Kit A  2004
Clikit3.jpg7926Clickits Fashion Design Kit C  2004
Clikit2.jpg7927Clickits Fashion Design Kit B  2004
Clikit4.jpg7928Clickits Fashion Design Kit D  2004
Clikit5.jpg7929Jewelry Box1 2004
Clikit6.jpg7930Lock1 2004
Clikit7.jpg7931Promotional Set1 2004
10081 Heart Birthday Pack.jpg10081Heart Birthday Pack70 2004
10082-1.jpg10082Daisy Birthday Pack70$62004
10083-1.jpg10083Star Birthday Pack70 2004
10116-1.jpg10116Heart Accessories50$5.002004
10117-1.jpg10117Daisy Accessories50$5.002004
No image10118Stars   
10135-1.jpg10135CLIKITS Holiday Decoration Kit283$34.992004
30706.jpg30706Clikits Heart Sports Bag  2008
30707.jpg30707Clikits Heart Sports Bag (Small)  2008
31007-1.jpg31007Clikits Heart Gym Bag  2008
31507-1.jpg31507Clikits Heart Toilet Bag  2008
40707-1.jpg40707Clikits Cat Sports Bag (Small)  2008
No image65305Value Pack Tangerine202$20.002003
No image65306Value Pack Sky Blue188 2003
Clikigy.png65362Click-N-Store Jewelry Set80$10.002004
Clikitpacks.png65363Click-N-Store Jewelry Set78$10.002004
Clikytric.png65364Click-N-Store Jewelry Set70$10.002004
No image65542Click-N-Store Jewelry Set49$10.002004
4226751.jpg4226751Heart Minibag Key Chain1 2004
4277206-1.1152083947.thumb2.jpg4277206Letters & Keyring70 2005
Clickits.gifChild'sMeal Toy Package - Clikits   
ClikitsPartyCups.jpgClikitsParty Cups8$1.002006
ClikitsPartyNapkins.jpgClikitsParty Napkins16$1.502006
ClikitsPartyPlates.jpgClikitsParty Plates8$1.502006

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