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Coils of Doom! is the third in the five-part series of Pharaoh's Quest online comics.


Helena Skvalling finds the Cursed Cobra Statue where the fourth of Amset-Ra's lost treasures, the Golden Scarab Shield, where she is confronted by a Snake Charmer Mummy. The mummy brings the statue to life, and makes it attack Helena. She is saved from certain death by Jake Raines, aboard his biplane. He attempts to gun down the Cobra Statue, but is shot down by it's projectile venom.He then Crash-Lands. In the meantime, Helena shoots the Cobra in it's weak spot (right between the eyes), and it's turns back into a normal statue. At the same time, Jake gets out of the wreckage of his plane, and finds himself at a giant Sphinx.


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