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LEGO Hero Factory: Secret Mission #3: Collision Course
Collision Course Cover





January 1, 2013


Hero Factory


Collision Course is the third volume in the Hero Factory: Secret Missions series by Greg Farshtey. Its storyline concerns a ship that becomes infested with mind-controlling parasites and being set on a course for the Hero Factory.

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On the Valiant’s maiden voyage in space, it encounters a swarm of brains drifting quietly through space. Little does the crew know these strange creatures have the ability to control the minds of anyone they touch. The ship is quickly taken over by the hostile life-forms, and the Valiant begins rocketing through space on a collision course with one target: the Hero Factory in Makuhero City.

It’s up to Stormer, Rocka, and Breez to stop the ship, and prevent the destruction of their home world. If they fail, then it’s up to the rest of the Hero Factory team to destroy the spaceship—at any cost.


  • ISBN-10: 0545476704
  • ISBN-13: 978-0545476706

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