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Colonel Herman Dietrich is a character in the Indiana Jones franchise and an antagonist who appears in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. He is a Nazi colonel who sided with Rene Belloq in search of the Ark of the Covenant.


Colonel Dietrich has a green military uniform, with a green tie and a white shirt underneath it. His legs are purely cream coloured. He also wears a cap commonly used on Enemy Soldiers, albeit in green colour. His face in The Original Adventures is an altered one's with ginger-printed hair, while in The Adventure Continues, he has a regular Soldier face.


In the Movie[]

Herman Dietrich is a colonel in the German army who was assigned to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant alongside a Gestapo officer Toht and an archaeologist Dr. Rene Belloq.

He was in charge of a camp in Egypt, where the Nazis were digging for the Ark. Voicing his concerns and doubts to the French archeologist, upon being informed that spies from Cairo have found Marion Ravenwood, Dietrich informed Belloq that Major Toht has arrived to help them interrogate her, with the latter revealing a burned out print of the medallion on his right hand. After the interrogation gave no results, Belloq noticed Indiana Jones's and Sallah's group was uncovering the Ark from the Well of Souls. Upon retrieving the artifact from them, Toht dropped Marion down the Well, much to Belloq's dismay, although Dietrich replied that she was of no use to them anyway. During their depature, he rides alongside Belloq and Toht in the staff car and witnesses Jones hijacking the truck carrying the Ark and stealing it back.

The nazis eventually seize the Ark yet again, capturing Marion and prompting Jones to surrender himself. Upon arriving at the Tabernacle that night, they tie Indy and Marion to a pole and open the Ark. Seeing that there's only sand inside, Dietrich is infuriated with their apparent failure, but becomes astounded when ghosts suddenly fly out of the artifact. However, the ghosts return to the Ark moments later and flames come out instead, consuming Belloq and striking down all of the gathered soldiers. Screaming in fear, Dietrich himself is killed when the Ark's powers shrivel and hollow his head.

In Games[]

In Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Dietrich's role is drastically shortened as he first appears during the desert chase. Most of the scenes involving him interacting with Belloq are omitted as well, with the only exception being him exchanging glances with the former during Indy's bluff attempt in the canyon. His death is also slightly changed, as he is the one who melts, instead of Toht. After finishing the level Into the Mountains, he is purchasable in Barnett College. He wields a pistol and has access to all Nazi booths.

In Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, his role has been altered just like every other villain's. He first appears during the intro of the level After The Ark, but is absent in the level itself, unlike Belloq and Toht. On the Ark opening ceremony, he is disgusted by the music coming out of the Ark at first, but is placed under its' spell soon after. After Belloq becomes empowered with the artifact's power and starts killing off the nearby soldiers, Dietrich gets swayed into the air, before being thrown away.

After completing the last level from the Raiders of the Lost Ark arc, Dietrich is unlockable near the Tabernacle. To unlock him, the player must step on a pump to inflate him to his normal size. In contrast to the first game, here he wields a bazooka and just like Toht, has access to all military booths.


  • His fate in The Original Adventure seems to have been swapped with Toht's, in that Dietrich visibly melts, while Toht seems to be only drained.
  • The method of unlocking him in The Adventure Continues is surely a reference to his movie fate, where his head got shriveled by the Ark's power in the film's climax.