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Colonel Antonin Dovchenko is a character and an antagonist in Indiana Jones franchise, appearing as the secondary antagonist of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He appears in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. He is a Soviet colonel who serves as a right-hand man to Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko and assists her in the quest of delivering the Crystal Skull to the city of Akator.


Colonel Dovchenko is a minifigure clad in a tan army uniform with a Colonel cap, and strong, defined cheekbones. His torso has a brown belt with a golden buckle and his uniform has shoulder tabs with Soviet insignia.


Colonel Antonin Dovchenko arrived at the Hangar 51 in Nevada, having kidnapped Indiana Jones and George McHale to help the Soviets in locating the remains of an extraterrestrial being. Upon locating it, Jones escaped, with Dovchenko in pursuit of him. Eventually the two crashed into the hangar's lower levels where, upon activation of the rocket sled, they were rocketed out into the seclusion, with the colonel being picked up by his soldiers, minutes after.

Sometime later while in the Amazonian jungle, the Russians set up a camp, recaptured the archeologist and his son, and upon revealing that their other prisoners were Marion Ravenwood and Harold Oxley, forced Jones to help them in translating the meaning of the Crystal Skull's words. Using this as a distraction, Indiana Jones managed to flee with his companions, only to be recaptured yet again after falling into the quicksand. As the group began making their way to Akator through the jungle, Dovchenko himself was guarding the prisoners in a truck, only to be knocked out by Indiana. However, he recovered just in time to avoid crashing into another vehicle, before regrouping with his men. As Indy and his companions ran toward the cliffside, Dovchenko tackled the former, locking them in a duel surrounded by man-eating Siafu ants. Initially having the upperhand in his fight, Dovchenko took a couple of blows to the head, before falling on the ants infested ground. The ants then proceeded to carry him over to their nest, before eating him alive.


Video Game Appearances[]


  • In Hangar 51 of LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, Dovchenko is disguised as an American soldier like the other Russians, but he is not unlockable in the hub world, except in the DS version. However, he can be playable as a customized character.
  • He appeared in the actual LEGO Indiana Jones sets, unlike the German colonels Dietrich and Vogel.