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Colonel Dovchenko is a Soviet officer in Indiana Jones in charge of the Russian Soldiers serving Irina Spalko in her efforts to recover the Crystal Skull. He appears in Minifigure form in the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull set line. After a long fight with Indiana Jones, he fell headfirst into a nest of man-eating, vicious siafus which devoured him alive.


Dovchenko is massive and well-built, and proves a formidable enemy against Indiana Jones in both Hangar 51 and in the South American jungle. Although not particularly intelligent, Dovchenko was the perfect Colonel for Spalko to use to obtain the Skull. The Dovchenko Minifigure has a tan army uniform (different than the pale green of the Russian Soldiers) with a Colonel cap, and strong, defined cheekbones. His torso has a brown belt with a golden buckle and his uniform has shoulder tabs with Soviet insignia.




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