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Colonel Vogel was a Nazi officer who was an enemy of Indiana Jones.


Assigned to help recover the Holy Grail by Adolf Hitler, Vogel and Elsa Schneider tricked Indiana Jones into releasing his father's Grail diary, rumored to contain a map of the Grail's resting place. When Jones and his father escaped from captivity, it became Vogel's mission to hunt them down and kill them under order of Hitler himself. Vogel almost got both Joneses aboard a zeppelin, but Indy, disguised as a ticket taker, punched and threw him out the window using the excuse that he "didn't have a ticket" to the stunned passengers. Leading the Nazi expedition to the Grail Temple, Vogel recaptured Jones senior in the desert and had a large battle with [[Indiana Jones (Minifigure)|Indy on a moving tank. Jones senior and Marcus Brody managed to flee the tank as it was about to drive off a chasm edge. The tank drove off the cliff with Vogel clutching onto the back of the tank turret, screaming as the tank fell, and was crushed when the tank landed.

In LEGO Indiana Jones

Vogel has appeared as a playable character in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures where he is a boss of the Tank Battle and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, but has not been released in any existing or upcoming sets.



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