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Colony Drone
Colony Drone
Required sets:

4877 Rahaga Norik
4878 Rahaga Bomonga
4879 Rahaga Iruini

Year introduced:




Colony Drone is a BIONICLE combiner model introduced in 2005. It can be built with the pieces of 4877 Rahaga Norik, 4878 Rahaga Bomonga and 4879 Rahaga Iruini.


The Colony Drone species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis as one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.

After the Brotherhood of Makuta conquered the Visorak, Colony Drones were captured to be slaves to the horde. When the Visorak would migrate to new lands, they would take along many of these Rahi in containers and use their abilities to create energy spinners as food for the horde.

When the Visorak were drawn to the island of Artidax and killed by the volcanic eruption, the Colony Drones were released and for a time were free from the swarm.

Since Makuta Teridax took over Mata Nui's body and recreated the Visorak, the Colony Drones were recaptured to support the horde.

Abilities and Traits

Colony Drones' Rhotuka spinners are made of an energy that other Rahi, like the Visorak, can feed off of.

The Drones never objected to their treatment because they were either not intelligent enough to know they were being mistreated, or they simply had been intimidated by the Visorak for so long that they knew no other way of life.

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