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The Matoran Nui, a model created out of the six original Matoran.

Combiner Models are models that can be created by combining the parts of multiple other sets. Many have been released, either as individual sets, promotionaly, or as specials at certain stores, while many others by buying the necessary sets. Some of the earliest combiner models were part of the BIONICLE theme, such as the Matoran Nui (see right), and the various Toa Kaita.

As time passed, combiner models became more common. Many of these were released in LEGO Magazine, some in the magazine as instructions, and some through Club Codes on More, such as the Zivon, were released exclusively as Brickmaster combiners. There are many other online models that users can obtain the instructions for. Nowadays, all combiner models are available exclusively online, with none of them being available as separate sets or physical instructions.

List of combiner models

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Space (Blacktron Future Generation)

BIONICLE (Generation 1)

BIONICLE (Generation 2)


Super Heroes

Hero Factory


Power Miners



Ben 10

Pirates of the Caribbean

Alpha Team


  • Some BIONICLE sets, like the Rahi, and the Bohrok Queens, included two beings in the same set, so a combiner version also appeared in the instructions.