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The Comic-Con Exclusive Bizarro Giveaway is a promotional Super Heroes set released in July 2012. It was given away to raffle winners at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Also being a rare Comic-Con exclusive minifigure, it is a collectors item.


The Card

The front of the card features a Bizzaro minifigure attached to it with a blue brick. At the top of the card there are the logos of the convention, DC Universe Super Heroes, and LEGO.
On the back of the card there is another paragraph of text that gives information about the Super Heroes Super Challenge Contest.

The Minifigure

Bizzaro has Mutt Williams's hairpiece in black and a white head with sunken eyes and cheeks, showing a frozen face. He has a purple cape and a sand blue torso which has muscular printing, along with a reversed purple S logo against yellow and a rock made sign saying "Bizarro #1" over it, and a yellow belt. His hands are white, arms and legs are sand blue with purple hips.


The front of the card: This is a description taken from The Card. Please do not modify it.

Congratulations! you hold in your one of a very limited number of San Diego Comic-Con LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes exclusive minifigures. You can show off your prize at the con but why not show it off to the whole world too? Take part in our 2012 contest and make your own LEGO DC Universe Super heroes Video!

The back of the card: This is a description taken from The Card. Please do not modify it.

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Challenge!

To kick-off a brand new year of LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes action we are inviting you to join our 2012 contest for a chance to be one of five winners of exciting new prizes, including $15,000 in cash prizes and a chance to attend New York Comic Con in October 2012.

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Minifigure Included