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The Comic-Con Exclusive Green Lantern Giveaway is a promotional Super Heroes set released in 2011. 1500 copies of it were given away to lucky raffle winners at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011. A second version of the card was released at the New York Comic-Con, with a similar print run. It contains an exclusive pre-release Green Lantern minifigure, and a card (with an attached brick) that gives information on the Super Heroes Super Challenge Contest.


The Card

The front of the card is made to look like a newspaper, and features a Green Lantern minifigure mounted in a green brick, attached to it. At the top of the front side, there is a "headline", and the "newspaper's" logo, and at the bottom are the logos of the convention, DC Universe Super Heroes, and LEGO.
On the back of the card there is another paragraph of text, and an image of the Green Lantern in action. The San Diego version features an image of a physical Green Lantern outside the convention centre, and the New York one a digital image of him flying.

The Minifigure

The Green Lantern has unprinted dark green legs, a green torso printed with a muscular body covered by his green costume, as well as his logo, outlined in lime green. He has dark green arms, and green hands. His face is flesh-coloured, and features, on one side, a smirking face, and on the other an angry snarl. Both sides have a green mask over their eyes. He has dark brown curly hair, of the same sort used for Mutt Williams.


  • Two slightly different versions of the give-away were made available, one for the San Diego Comic-Con, and one for the New York one.
  • This version of Hal Jordan is based on the 2011 Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds.
  • This Hal Jordan minifigure is the same minifigure used in The LEGO Movie, played by Jonah Hill.


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SAN DIEGO, CA - You hold in your hands one of a very limited number of preview-edition LEGO SUPER HEROES minifigures. To celebrate the upcoming launch of LEGO SUPER HEROES in January 2012, we want you to make something creative with your super hero minifigure... and you might just win an awesome super-powered prize! Turn this card over for more information on getting your adventure started!

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You can make a live-action or stop-motion video, build a scene with your LEGO bricks, take a photo, or even draw a picture. Then go to and upload your creation for a chance to win! Each month from August to December, our favorite creative submission will win a prize package including a complete collection of LEGO SUPER HEROES sets and other secret prizes. One grand prize winner will win a trip to California to tour Warner Bros. Studios, WB Animation, and a visit to LEGOLAND!

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