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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Commander Bly is a playable character who appeared in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.


A back view of Bly.

Bly's legs and torso are the same as the ones used for standard Clone Troopers in the game, except his arms are coloured yellow as opposed to white. Bly's helmet is also the same as a normal Clone Trooper helmet, apart from a strip of yellow which runs down the cetnre of the helmet, and entirely covers the helmet's crest. Commander Bly also wears a black pauldron of his left shoulder, and can also wear a grey rangefinder, which allows him to take command of groups of Clone Troopers in certain situations. In LEGO Star Wars III, Bly also has the ability to fire his blaster, jump, and interact with panels designated for Clone Troopers or Senate Commandos.


Early Life

CC-5052, later known as "Bly," was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett created on Kamino. At some point prior to his service during the Clone Wars, he was trained by ARC troopers to be one of the first Clone Commanders and became an ARC Trooper himself.

The Clone Wars

Battle of Quell

During the Clone Wars, Bly and Jedi General Aayla Secura came under attack over the planet Quell by a Separatist fleet. Anakin Skywalker, his Padawan apprentice Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex" organized a rescue of Secura and her troops. Storming Secura's Star Destroyer, Skywalker, Tano, and Rex were able to locate and successfully rescue Secura, Bly, and clone troopers Lucky, Flash, and Cameron. However, Skywalker was seriously injured during the mission and Bly assisted in piloting a frigate to the Resolute in order to get the Jedi appropriate medical attention. While attempting to dock, the frigate's hyperdrive was activated, forcing them to detach from the Resolute. The cruiser then quickly entered hyperspace just moments after detaching. Later as the frigate traveled through hyperspace, Bly was able to notice that the coordinates were set to take them directly into a star. After a successful attempt at avoiding the star, the frigate crash landed on the world of Maridun, and the group were forced to search for help to aid an injured Skywalker.

Along the way, Bly discovered a signpost indicating that there were sentient lifeforms nearby. Leaving Skywalker and Rex behind, the remainder of the group journeyed across the grasslands to look for someone who might be able to assist the wounded Jedi. However, during their travels, they were viciously attacked by mastiff phalones, and the three other clones accompanying them were killed by the creatures. Shortly afterwards they were able to find a Lurmen village, populated by many Lurmen villagers. At first the village elder, Tee Watt Kaa, refused to help but when he learned of their friend's plight, he allowed his son Wag Too to accompany them back to Skywalker. Bly, Tano and Wag Too headed back to the injured Jedi. Once there, the trio, along with Rex, managed to subdue another Mastiff Phalone that was attempting to kill the Jedi and the Clone Captain. Bly and Rex then carried Skywalker back to the Lurmen village where he rested and was nursed by the Lurmen people.

Defense of Maridun

Later, Bly was resting in the Lurmen village when he witnessed a couple of Lurmen struggling to pile baskets of food. He helped them with their troubles and they thanked him by giving him a jogan fruit, which he gladly ate. Bly was then informed that a Separatist C-9979 landing craft was setting down near to the village. Along with the rest of the group, he helped Skywalker escape as the battle droids searched the village for contraband. As they watched and hid in the tall grass, a probe droid discovered them, but before it could transfer any information, Bly jammed it's signal. He, Tano and Rex pursued whilst Secura calmly assessed the situation. Deciding it best not the chase the droid, she separated from the others and was able to cut the droid off from the front.

Not long after, Bly and the others discovered a Separatist outpost on the planet. The group watched as the Separatist General Lok Durd announced his new weapon: the Defoliator Deployment Tank. Accompanying Rex on a scouting mission, the two clones went in for a closer look at the weapon. Unbeknownst to them, however, was that Durd was about to perform a weapons test. The Defoliator fired a shell and, as it descended, the clones were forced to retreat. Rex was able to fire his ascension cable and return to a nearby tree but Bly tripped as he attempted the same. As the shell's blast came towards him, Secura, using a vine, swung down from the tree and lifted Bly to safety just before fire encircled the clone. Bly thus was eternally great full for Secura saving him. The group waited for nightfall, before returning to the outpost. Whilst Secura and Tano opened the front gate, Bly and Rex assisted Skywalker in destroying the battle droids guarding the outpost. The two clones then stole two valuable shield generators and loaded them onto a Separatist shuttle before leaving for the village.

Upon reaching the Lurmen settlement, Bly and the others warned the villagers about the Defoliator tank and how Durd planned to use their village as the site of his next test. Tee Watt Kaa refused to engage the Separatists in battle, stating that he'd rather die than let his people resort to violence. Despite his objections the group established a defensive wall around the village and the clones raised the shields, protecting the Lurmen from the Defoliator shell's impact. As Durd's battle droids closed in on the Lurmen, Bly and the others stood their ground. The group were able to destroy the battle droids with help from the Lurmen villagers and Skywalker was able to capture Durd. Bly and Rex then took Durd aboard the shuttle as Admiral Wullf Yularen's fleet arrived to extract the group from Maridun.

Order 66

In the final days of the Clone Wars, the 327th Star Corps, under the command of Secura, was sent to the planet of Felucia where they tracked down Separatist Council member Shu Mai. However, when the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Sheev Palpatine, declared the Jedi traitors to the Republic, he issued Order 66 to all clone troopers which forced them to turn on their Jedi superiors. Bly and his men then executed Secura where she stood. Bly then served in the Galactic Empire.

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