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Commander Fox is a Star Wars Minifigure based on the Clone Trooper commander with the same nickname.


Commander Fox is composed of four main parts - the legs are those of a standard Clone Trooper's, as is the head piece. The torso piece is white with black printing, along with red markings representing Fox's unique armor. The arms are also a dark red, to match the red markings, and the Minifigure's hands are black to represent gloves. The helmet piece is white with black printing for the standard clone trooper helmet piece, and on top of this are further red markings for Fox's helmet design. As with all The Clone Wars Clone Trooper helmets, there is a small hole on each side of the helmet to allow for ARC accessories to be inserted.
The 7681 Separatist Spider Droid is the only set so far to feature Commander Fox. This set contained a bag of ARC armour for Fox, which may be used to give the Minifigure additional protection and equipment. Fox is also supplied with two blaster pistols.


CC-1010, nicknamed "Fox", was a Clone Trooper Commander who headed the Coruscant Guard, an elite group of clones who carried out various duties, mainly on the Republic Capital of Coruscant. Fox was known to have led several missions, including rescuing Padmé Amidala, capturing a bounty hunter, and being involved in a hostage situation orchestrated by Cad Bane. Fox was also near the power plant on Coruscant before demolition droids destroyed it. As well as that, he tried to arrest Ahsoka Tano when she was framed for blowing up part of the Jedi temple and killing Letta Turmond who was involved in the bombing. Fox had also killed ARC TrooperFives, who had tried to explain to Anakin and Rex about Chancellor Palpatine, when the clone tried to defend himself with one of Rex's blaster pistol forcing the commander to shoot him.


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