Commander X,[1] also known as X-Commander,[2] is a Zotaxian minifigure from the UFO subtheme of Space, introduced in 1997.


Commander X has a grey torso, bright blue arms and legs, and black hip and hands. He wears black shoulderpads and a grey UFO helmet. The torso, hip, legs, and helmet feature detailed printing. Commander X's head is transparent flourescent green with alien facial features.


In the United Kingdom storyline, Commander X is the leader of the LEGO UFO Fleet instead of Alpha Draconis. He is the wise elderly Alien Prince of planet Xivos. He is leading a top secret mission to defeat the evil Black Droid Empire, and saved Techdroid 1 and Techdroid 2 from the Empire's army on planet Xeebo.[1]

According to a German advertisement in Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck, Commander X is the Officer, serving under the Zotaxian Overlord. He is a super-strategist who fights fearlessly for justice.[3] The comic shows Chamon and the Officer boarding the Warp Wing-Fighter and traveling from Zotax to Vulcox.

In the North American storyline given in LEGO Mania Magazine, Commander X is not given a name or any specific characterization. He is simply one of the villainous aliens from planet Humorless who are enemies of the Exploriens and Roboforce.


  • In Bricks 'n Pieces Magazine, a helmetless version of Commander X is erroneously used to represent Techdroid 2.[1]


LEGO Description This is a description taken from Bricks 'n Pieces Magazine August 1997. Do not modify it.

Introducing Commander X, Alien Prince of the ancient planet Xizos and the oldest and wisest of all to roam the Universe. As leader of the LEGO UFO Fleet, he is spearheading the top secret mission to expel the evil forces of the Black Droid Empire forever.