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Condiment King (alias Mitchell Mayo or Buddy Standler) is a DC Universe minifigure that appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.


DC Animated Universe

Buddy Standler was a popular TV stand-up comedian who made fun of The Joker. Using technology stolen from Mad Hatter, Joker brainwashed Buddy into becoming laughably bad supervillain known as The Condiment King in order to ruin his reputation.

As the Condiment King, Buddy equipped himself with guns that shot out ketchup & mustard. Ultimately while trying to rob a restaurant, he was confronted by Batman before slipping on a puddle of his own condiments and falling off of a balcony. Following this he was hospitalized under police custody.


In DC Comics, Mitchell Mayo is the Condiment King. He is a minor criminal who is often considered a joke. He is an enemy of Batgirl.

LEGO Batman Movie

Not exactly the most ruthless or dangerous of Super-Villains, the Condiment King is a former stand-up comedian who commits crimes using his homemade costume and a set of custom-built condiment shooters that blast blobs of ketchup and mustard at his opponents. Although he may be a bit of a joke as super-crooks go, you should still watch your step around this sauce-slinging outlaw – after all, those tasty splats can be pretty slippery!

Bat-Fact: I prefer ketchup. Wait, mustard. Alfred, what’s better on lobster thermidor?

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