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The Conquistador's skeleton,[1] also known as the armored skeleton[2] and Conquistador skeleton with armor,[1] is an Indiana Jones minifigure that has appeared in two sets.


Resembling an updated version of Skully, this skeleton has an evil skull, Mini Armour plating, and a black Morion Helmet. The original 2008 version has straight arms and silver armor, while the 2009 version is slightly altered with bent arms and cool silver, drum lacquered armor.


In life, the Conquistadors were explorers searching for the Temple of the Crystal Skull under the leadership of Francisco de Orellana. After their deaths, they were buried in the Chauchilla Cemetery along with the Crystal Skull. Years later, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams enter their tomb to retrieve the Crystal Skull.

The Conquistador's skeletons can be found in the LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues level "Tomb Doom". In this game, some of the skeletons appear to be wearing gold armor and helmets rather than silver armor and black helmets.


Video Game Appearances

Gallery of Variants

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