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Constable,[1] also known as Policewoman,[2] Female Police Officer,[3] and Prison Guard,[4] is a City Police minifigure introduced in 2016.


Constable wears a light royal blue jacket printed with a dark blue tie, radio, and gold badge, as well as unprinted earth blue pants. She has a common female minifigure face with eyelashes and lipstick, and her hair is a medium nougat Mini Wig No. 5.


Constable is courageous enough to pursue and arrest criminals, but she dreads filling out paperwork. She was frustrated when Chase McCain obliviously did not understand her request to spend more time on patrol.[1] Constable is a prison guard at Prison Island, from where a crook escapes, the crook waits for his friend crook to help him escape the island itself with a watercraft. They successfully escape Constable and her cop friend, who were supposed to bring them back to prison. The friend crook along with Ms. Crook breaks out Crook Chuck and Jailbreaker out of the prison.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, Constable is a Magic Supporter hero with the skills "Call for Back-Up", "Dispatch", and "Freeze Removal".


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NAME: Constable
Putting herself in danger chasing criminals doesn't scale Constable, but the amount of paperwork that needs to be done after an arrest certainly does! She recently tried telling Officer that she should be spending more time outside patrolling the streets, instead of being stuck behind a desk. Not listening properly, he told her to write and send him a report! Grr!



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