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Construction is one of the recurring subjects featured in Town and its related themes and subthemes. It mainly focuses on the current theme of City, but it is found in several other themes as well.


Sets related to construction sites were already a large part of Town when it was initially released in 1978. In the following years, the subject remained a regular element of Town with at least one related release in almost every year until the end of City Center in 2000. There were no new System sets until the introduction of City in 2005, which brought a large number of new releases as well as substantial changes. Many of the new vehicles were bigger than in the older Town sets, giving them a realistic size ratio when compared to the included minifigures but also causing a combination of older and new sets to look somewhat awkward. City last made Construction sets in 2009. Demolition, a Construction subtheme returned in 2015.

Related sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
102102Front End Loader57 1970
102A-Front-End Loader box102AFront-End Loader64 1970
1601-Conveyance b1601Conveyance1942 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
1876-11876Soil Scooper732 1990
28192819Brick Mixer701$251999
Lego28533022853302City Construction Collection15478$154.972009
3000330003Steam Roller31Construction Worker 2009
3022930229Repair Lift  2014
3351-13351Three Minifigure Pack - City 2213$4.992000
349349Mini-Wheel Construction Set195 1971
351-Loader Hopper with Truck351Loader Hopper with Truck170 1971
360360Gravel Quarry211 1974
371-Tipper Truck371Tipper Truck47 1971
376-Low-Loader with Excavator box376Low-Loader with Excavator91 1971
377-Crane with Float Truck377Crane with Float Truck90 1971
381 Lorry and Fork Lift Truck381Lorry and Fork Lift Truck86 1973
383-Truck with Excavator383Truck with Excavator102 1973
387-Excavator and Dumper387Excavator and Dumper159 1976
410-Payloader410Payloader28 1973
0425-1425Fork Lift17LEGOLAND Minifigure 1976
435-Tipper Truck435Tipper Truck23 1976
450-Fork Lift450Fork Lift42 1973
4546-14546Road and Rail Maintenance771$10.001991
46684668Outrigger Construction Crane612$12.992004
490-Mobile Crane490Mobile Crane46 1975
492-Truck & Payloader box492Truck & Payloader57LEGOLAND Minifigures (2) 1977
545-Conveyor Station545Conveyor Station170 1973
Display95610Builder18Construction Worker$3.49 / €2.992008
5620 Street Cleaner5620Street Cleaner22Construction Worker$3.49 / €2.99June 27, 2008 (US) / May 21, 2008 (UK)
5627 Box5627Dozer231 Construction Worker 2008
Lego56425642Tipper Truck231 Construction Worker Late 2009
580-Brick Yard580Brick Yard216 1975
604-Excavator604Excavator28 1971
606-Tipper Lorry606Tipper Lorry22 1972
612-Tipper Truck612Tipper Truck23 1974
614-Excavator614Excavator31 1974
615-Fork Lift with Driver615Fork Lift with Driver211 LEGOLAND Minifigure 1975
6329-1-26329Truck Stop1373$25.001998
6352 Box6352Cargomaster Crane133Hardhat Jones 1991
642-Double Excavator box642Double Excavator33 1971
643-2 Box643Mobile Crane35 1971
6439-16439Mini Dumper30Builder Pete$3.001999
647 Lorry with Girders647Lorry with Girders51 1971
6470 Mini-Dump Truck6470Mini Dump Truck251$3.00 / €3.992000
6474 4-Wheeled Front Shovel64744-Wheeled Front Shovel521$6.99 / €12.992000
6481 Construction Crew6481Construction Crew1682 1989
649-Low-Loader with Excavator649Low-Loader with Excavator36 1972
652-Fork Lift Truck and Trailer652Fork Lift Truck and Trailer42 1972
6532-16532Diesel Dumper46Hardhat Jones 1991
6535 Dumper6535Dumper41Builder Pete 1995
654-Crane Lorry654Crane Lorry33 1973
655-Mobile Hydraulic Joist655Mobile Hydraulic Joist33 1973
City Value pack65743Value Pack2263$24.992005
City Construction pack65800City Collection1014 2005
6581-Dig 'N' Dump6581Dig N' Dump1272 1996
6603-16603Shovel Truck27Highway Worker€5.991985
6619466194City Super Pack10976 2007
662-Dumper Lorry662Dumper Lorry27 1976
6633066330City Superpack 5 in 198410€107.952009
6648-Dump Truck6648Dump Truck42Person 1980
6652-Construction Truck6652Construction Truck441 1983
6653-Highway Maintenance Truck6653Highway Maintenance Truck48Highway Maintenance Worker 1982
6658-16658Bulldozer621 1986
6662-16662Back Hoe781$6.751992
6686-Backhoe6686Backhoe881 1984
680-Low-Loader and Crane680Low-Loader and Crane61 1971
681-Low-Loader with 4 Wheel Excavator681Low-Loader with 4 Wheel Excavator63 1971
682-Low-Loader and Tractor682Low-Loader and Tractor57 1971
684-Low-Loader with Fork Lift Truck684Low-Loader with Fork Lift Truck53 1972
686-Tipper Trucks and Loader box686Tipper Trucks and Loader70 1973
689-Truck & Shovel689Truck & Shovel46 1974
692-Road Repair Crew box692Road Repair Crew572 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1975
72427242Street Sweeper63Street Sweeper Sal$7.99 / €6.992005
7243-17243Construction Site2983$39.992005
Lego-city-7246-mini-digger7246Mini Digger361$3.992005
72487248Digger127Builder (City)$19.992005
7249 Box7249XXL Mobile Crane5242$69.992005
730-Steam Shovel with Carrier box730Steam Shovel with Carrier102 1973
Lego 73447344Dump Truck187City Construction Worker Four$29.992005
Lego76307630Front-End Loader108Jack Drill$12.99 / €12.992009
Lego76317631Dump Truck1891$19.99 / €19.992009
7632 Crawler Crane7632Crawler Crane4812$59.99 / €49.99December 28, 2008 (US and UK)
7633 Construction Site7633Construction Site898Jack Drill, Worker (x4)$99.99 / €89.99December 5, 2009 (US) / December 28, 2009 (UK)
Lego76857685Dozer3521$39.99 / €29.99December 28, 2009 (US and UK)
Lego77467746Single-Drum Roller2082$29.99 / €29.992009
780-Road Construction Set780Road Construction Set159 1976
7900-27900Heavy Loader347Truck Driver$24.992006
7905 Box7905Building Crane7213$69.992006
7990-17990Cement Mixer2131$14.99 / €16.992007
7998-1-27998Heavy Hauler332Person$34.992007
6001860018Cement Mixer221Driver, Construction Worker$19.99 / €19.992013
Ct153160072Demolition Starter Set85Construction Worker (Sweating), Demolition, Construction Worker, Hard Hat$9.99 / €9.99March 2015
Ct152860073Service Truck233Demolition Worker 4, Hard Hat$24.99 / €19.99March 2015
60074 Bulldozer60074Bulldozer384Demolition, Construction Worker$39.99 / €29.99March 2015
60075 Excavator and Truck60075Excavator and Truck311Demolition, Construction Worker (Beard)$49.99 / €39.99January 2015
Ct15460076Demolition Site776Construction Worker (Sweating), Demolition, Construction Worker, Construction Worker (Beard), Welder$89.99 / €69.99March 2015
30312 Demolition Driller30312Demolition Driller40Demolition Worker$4.99February 2015

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