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"Hoo hoo ha ha! Have I got a great joke for you!"
―The Jester

The Court Jester,[1] also known as Royal Jester[2] or simply Jester,[2] is a minifigure from the 2010 theme Kingdoms.


Being a member of the Lion Kingdom, his parts include a white right arm, red left arm, red and white hat and body, white waist, white left leg, red right leg, and yellow head and hands. His head and body are dual sided. The head consists of a large grin face and a crying sad/scared face. His only accessories are three juggling balls, one red, one white, and one blue, which are the stud bricks used in video games as currency. His hat is the same as the hat of Harley Quinn, from the Batman theme; the only difference is the colour. The Court Jester has all the red patterns in the same areas as Jester Gogo from the 2007 Castle theme, as well as the same dual-sided face.


The Court Jester likes to juggle, sing, and make jokes with the goal of keeping everyone happy, even enemy Dragon Knights. He is the King's personal court jester, and so he entertains the King and his royal courtiers.


Gallery of Variants

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The Jester
“Hoo hoo ha ha! Have I got a great joke for you!”

The Royal Jester is always full of silly jokes that are sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face…even an attacking Dragon Knight! He can also juggle, turn cartwheels, and sing funny songs. His mission is to keep everybody happy and laughing all the time!