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This article is about the animal. For the wood toy, see Wooden LEGO Cow.

The LEGO Movie (Theme),




Black and White, Brown, Brown and White, System, DUPLO


horns, wings


2009, 2014

A Cow is an animal, which figure was introduced in System scale in 2009. It has been included in a few City sets as well as in Castle, The LEGO Movie (Theme), and some Duplo figures depicting cattle. They have also appeared in the Minecraft theme.


System cow is a figure similar to the System horse. It is depicted in marching position with posable neck, which can be bent up and down. In the middle of the creature's back there is a space, where a 1x2 brick and a 1x2 plate should be inserted. It can be substituted by a standard horse saddle, hithing or wings assembly, as it is in case of a Sea Cow's ornamental cow figure. On either side of cow's head there is a space where horns (either short or long) can be inserted. Except for the Sea Cow's ornament, which comes with golden horns, the white ones are usually used. By changing the angle of the horns, a different look can be achieved - a mild, domesticated appearance or a fierce Wild West one.
Cow can either come in black and white (Holstein) or brown. In both variants the udder has the same colour as the hide and the creature has a light spot on the head. The eyes of the Holstein cow are black dots with white off-centre insides. The design of the brown cow's eyes is more elaborate - a combination of three non-concentric circles. Each eye is a printed white dot inside a larger black spot surrounded by a white with black outline. Even the lashes are marked by a short horizontal line outside the outline. The brown cow has also a light spot on its nose with a couple of black dots resembling nostrils.



black and white (Holstein)

redish brown

Video appearances

  • The video game LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham features Damian Wayne's pet cow called Batcow. The creature looks similar to the brown variant of the System cow figure but with more off-white spots (on top of its head, round its mouth and jaw and down its chest), as well as a pink udder instead of brown. There is also a black star-shaped mark on its right hip.

Other appearances

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