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Craniac is a Space Police III minifigure that was released in 2010.


The minifigure is not from the same species as the Skull Twins, but has the same shape helmet. He drives an alien space chopper with two neon green blasters, a large missile launcher and two huge flaming engines. The engine flame bricks are the new type, not the smaller flames from earlier themes. He carries a pistol with a blue axe-headed laser. The mark of the Black Hole Gang is printed on the top-left side of Craniac's torso piece. It is also very likely that he is related to the Insectoids theme.


Craniac is the master planner of the space crooks gang. He has a cybernetically enhanced brain that makes him very smart.[1] He also seems to have 6,053 parking tickets (All unpaid) according to his bio, indicating he is a very careless driver. Also, according to his bio, his brain is prone to overheating.





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