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''This article is about the [[Monster Fighters]] minifigure. For the collectible minifigure, see [[The Monster (Minifigures)]].''
#REDIRECT [[Frankenstein Monsterace]]
|Title =Crazy Scientist's Monster
|Image = MF The Monster.jpg
|Theme =[[Monster Fighters]]
|Variations =
|Accessories =
|Years =[[June]] [[2012]]
|Appearances =[[9466 The Mad Professor and His Monster]]
{{Quote|Raaargh!|Crazy Scientist's Monster}}
'''Crazy Scientist's Monster''' is a [[Monster Fighters]] minifigure released in [[2012]].
== Description ==
Crazy Scientist's Monster has unprinted brown legs. His torso and arms are also brown, while his hands are olive green. His torso is printed with a brown coat, white buttons, a grey undershirt, and some patches and stitches. His head is olive green, printed with a moaning expression. Atop his head he wears a part that appears to extend his forehead. It's top is moulded with black hair, and it is printed with two safety pins.
== Bio ==
|Product page URL=
|Description from The Monster was created by the Crazy Scientist. With the bricks of minifigures, monsters and bolts of high-­‐voltage electricity, this creation is half brute strength and fortunately, only half of a brain. His inventor, The Crazy Scientist , is an evil genius, toiling away in a secret lab. Although he lacks strength and possesses no powers himself, he has built an army of creatures to do his bidding.
'''Monster Facts:'''{{clear}}
'''Species:''' Bigfigius Bricksmashius{{clear}}
'''Origin:''' The crazy Scientists lab {{clear}}
'''Weaknesses:''' riddles, furry little animals and other methods of distraction…like shadow puppets {{clear}}
'''Powers:''' Monster-­‐smashing{{clear}}
'''Hobbies:''' Breaking things and getting stitches
== Notes ==
* This version of The Monster is remarkably similar to [[The Monster (Minifigures)|The Monster]], from the [[Minifigures (theme)|Minifigures]] theme.
* It is heavily based on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein novel.
*It has a cameo in a picture in [[10228 Haunted House]].
== Appearances ==
* [[9466 The Mad Professor and His Monster]]
== Gallery ==
<gallery captionalign="left">
Crazy_Scientists_Monster_CGI.png|Digital rendering
== See Also ==
* [[The Monster (Minifigures)]]
* [[Zombie Butler]]
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