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This article is about the Monster Fighters character. For the Minifigures character, see Crazy Scientist (Minifigures).

"It's Alive! Alive!"
―Crazy Scientist

The Crazy Scientist is a scientist,a Monster Fighters minifigure and a major character of Monster Fighters released in 2012.


The Crazy Scientist has unprinted black legs, and a white torso. The torso is printed with several buttons, and a belt holding a beaker and a pair of pliers. The belt continues around his back, with two further test tubes and a clamp wrench. His arms are white, and his hands black. He has a yellow double-sided head. One side features grey and clear goggles, and a determined expression. The other has a crazed expression, and red and grey lenses in his goggles. He has large, rubbery grey hair.


The Crazy Scientist cut off Jack McHammer's arm which was then replaced with a cybernetic arm. He also made the Monster who is now Jack McHammer's monster arch-nemesis.


  • He is the only villain in the theme who is not a monster.
  • He is similar to the Crazy Scientist from 8804 Minifigures Series 4 which was released a year earlier than the Monster Fighters Crazy Scientist, and he is based on him.
  • He's inspired by Dr. Victor Frankenstein.



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