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Creative Building is a theme introduced in 2006. Each and every set contain basic bricks with ideas, simplistic models, as well as buckets and sets of colour-sorted bricks. It was outsourced from the Creator line after Designer Sets merged into Creator. Unlike Creator, it includes minifigures in sets such as in brick tubs. Creative Building also refers to basic bricks and buckets sets in DUPLO series. Until 2009, a new term Bricks and More replaced Creative Building.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
3191-23191Yellow Half-Tub, Special Edition103 2006
4540313-14540313DUPLO Creative Bucket76 2009
Lego 014540315LEGO Creative Bucket480$17.992010
5482 Ultimate House Building Set5482Ultimate House Building Set674 2006
5488-Farm Building Set5488DUPLO Farm Building Set102 2009
5537-15537LEGO Cool Creations683 2007
5538-Creative Bucket5538LEGO DUPLO Creative Bucket76$29.992009
5539-15539Creative Bucket480 2009
5573-LEGO Build & Play5573LEGO Build & Play6411$44.992008
Basic Bricks5574Basic Bricks280 2008
Basic Bricks - medium5576Basic Bricks - Medium375 2008
Basic Bricks - Large5578Basic Bricks - Large500 2008
LEGO Town5582Ultimate LEGO Town Building Set  2008
Creative Building With Wheels5584Fun with Wheels  2008
5587-b5587LEGO Basic Bricks with Fun Figures3900$19.992009
5588-15588DUPLO Giant Box201 2009
61776177Basic Bricks Deluxe650$24.99 / €19.992008
6191-b6191Fire Fighter Building Set117Fireman 2009 (first sold in 2008)
6192-b6192Pirate Building Set150Pirate$9.99 / €7.992009 (first in late 2008)
61936193Castle Building Set137Knight 2009

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